Run Oregon Road Trip to Salishan Resort on the Oregon Coast

Run Oregon loves running – that’s no surprise. But we also love the Pacific Northwest and all that it has to offer. Running is a part of us, but it does not fully define us. In our new “Make a Day of It” feature, we aim to showcase some great local non-running events and highlight where to run and how to make the most of your experience!

Our latest road tip was exploring Salishan Resort.

Last summer we experienced Salishan Resort as it was beginning it’s journey into shifting from a golf destination to a more holistic outdoor adventure basecamp. We were blown away by the changes that were being made and super excited to see where things ended up. Almost a full year later, we returned to see some fantastic updates that would make any Pacific Northwesterner proud. Here’s a quote from our previous article about this change in ideals:

In reading some news articles, and talking with new General Manager Ryan McCarthy, the idea behind Salishan was to connect guests with the beauty of the central Oregon Coast. Ultimately, that (in a nutshell) isn’t that hard to do. The gorgeousness that is the coast is pretty well-documented and the area on which Salishan itself sits is quite nice. It’s secluded enough to get away from it all, yet not so isolated that you can’t make an easy trip into a grocery store or restaurant in one of the great small coastal towns nearby. But I think it may have been the “connecting” part that had been lost in recent years. The modern traveler, especially those in the Pacific Northwest, is starting to morph (for better or worse). Travelers are looking a little less like golfers and fine-diners, and more like adults and families desiring to make the most of their vacations or getaways by experiencing all the local flavors and practicing some personal wellness in the process.

Back in February of 2018, an ownership and management change was made, and the group has this exact idea and vision. They want to keep the ideals of the classic Salishan – a place for relaxation, art, and dining – and fuse it with adventure seeking travelers who want a basecamp or hub to be a part of.

First the Running:

While there isn’t a ton of running distance on the property itself, there are a few solid locations where you can get in some miles if you decide to. If you go early enough in the day (i.e. before golfing and the aerial park opens), there is a short, but sweet nature trail loop on property. It’s not all that long, but it’s beautiful enough to repeat a few times to extend it. The trails remain pretty well groomed (keeping in mind it’s not specifically tailored to runners), and it’s even a nice enough spot to take a for an easy hike with the family.

However, the real gem of a route is heading down to the main entrance, crossing the 101, and following the signs to the beach trail.

This trail is also pretty short, but follows along the banks of the Millport Slough and has the ability to feature some gorgeous views in the morning. It’s a combo of dirt, bark, and rocks but is easily navigable and non-technical.

Once you hit Salishan Road – a private drive in the gated Salishan community – you can either head straight out to the beach or take a right and follow this paved road to the beach. Though the shoulders are relatively non-existent, there generally isn’t a ton of traffic to be worried about. From Salishan to the end of this road is just shy of 2.5 miles. It’s easy enough to repeat the same road back, but I love heading over onto the sand for the return trip.

The beach is pretty much always awesome to run on (except for one time when I ended up running into a 25 mile per hour headwind for a few miles), and when the weather is right, it can hardly be beat.

It’s simple enough to pop back out at the Salishan South beach access and hit the trail back. I HIGHLY recommend running this route.

Our Room:

I have now stayed at Salishan at least three times in my life and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience. The rooms have always been clean, the beds have always been comfortable, and the views have always been great. This isn’t a 5-Diamond property, with brand new top-of-the-line, but everything is still extremely nice. I know a bunch of their traditional rooms have been upgraded and I think it showed in this unit – with new carpet and a nice wood and stone decor.

The room also came equipped with a K-Pod coffee maker, mini fridge, and a sink in the little kitchenette. The main area had a table with a couple chairs and a fireplace – perfect for cool Oregon Coast weather.  It really had everything that we could have needed and the blackout shades absolutely worked like a charm – if indeed sleeping and rejuvenation is in the cards for you.

There are numerous room options from standard (like ours) to all different levels of upgrades and suites that can suite your situation.


Salishan has a bunch of on-site dining options, so if you don’t feel like trudging over to Lincoln City, you have some solid choices. The Sun Room is the most casual option and open for breakfast and dinner. It has great views and some good outside seating for if/when kids need to expend a little energy playing cornhole.

The Dining Room is newly updated and offers a more elegant food setting. It has limited hours (Thurs-Sat for dinner only), but features modern food options like seafood and meat. The Attic Bar and Lounge is open for lunch and dinner and is more light-faire with a focus on beers (from Rogue), wine, and live music.

Within the last year, the Salishan Marketplace – just across the 101 – has really taken off. Last summer, there wasn’t a whole lot going on over there (i.e. it was dead) and the GM mentioned that they were trying to upgrade things a little bit and get more diverse occupants. They have certainly done that and there are multiple restaurants and wine/beer locations. Shannon’s Pub just BARELY opened and is available all day. There is also a Italian restaurant, coffee shop, wine bar, and my personal favorite – the new Beachcrest Brewing! This brewery adds a great feel to the marketplace and makes some solid beers. They have a great patio area and also plenty of inside seating. They have some snacks available, but you can feel free to bring your own food in if you want. Minors are allowed, and mine enjoyed some Italian sodas while I sipped on a hazy.


Whether travelling with kids, or for the Lincoln City Half Marathon, Salishan has you covered for working out and/or relaxing. If you are looking for fitness, there is a small, yet relatively diverse gym available to use. There are 3-4 treadmills and elipticals, two Peloton bicycles (awesome!), a few standard weight machines and free weights (up to 50 pounds). The treadmills overlook the pool, meaning your kids can play in the water while you get a workout in.

Speaking of pools, it’s quite robust and there are lap swimming hours in the morning and early evening (though it seems like the AM hours are more appropriately followed by fellow patrons). 42 laps makes a mile!

There are a few other options to take advantage of including Yoga, their amazing spa, and their bike checkout program (available outside the main lobby, as well as at the Salishan Marketplace). There are also tennis courts, a basketball court, and a sand volleyball area.

But one of the most exciting options is their newly opened Aerial Park. Last year, we saw the platforms in the trees, but it was not yet ready for patrons. This summer, we got the opportunity to gear up and head into the trees. This 2-hour experience included an informational session, hike to the park, and some training before we headed up to 70 feet in the air. Our group had six patrons and a few staff to keep us safe. These guys were great and kept both me and my daughter comfortable the whole time. Considering that both of us were absolutely brand-spanking new to this, we were taught well and surprised ourselves with how quickly we figured things out.

There were 15 platforms and 21 different “paths” to get between them. I’m pretty sure we got to most all of them, but neglected to get to the vertical ladder in time for the highest vantage point.

This experience will be one that my daughter and I won’t soon forget. And, we could call it an upper-body workout if we wanted to justify it even more. Absolutely worth it.


Clearly the investment by Salishan makes it very evident that the shift in focus is working well. Despite it’s popularity and being listed as a top resort, it’s very family friendly and not stuffy. Even if you don’t have kids, there is a ton to do to get lost in the outdoors and the wonderfulness that is the Oregon Coast. If you haven’t been to Salishan, or even if it’s been a while, I absolutely think that now is the time to come and see what you are missing. You won’t go wrong with making this your running basecamp.

*There are tons of packages available – from families to romance to summer rates. Most come with a $50 resort credit, so it sweetens the pot even more!*

Salishan Details:


Phone: 1-800-663-7550


More about the Salishan Resort

To recenter, to reunite with friends and family, to step into your comfort zone, to seek new adventures, to experience all the majestic Oregon Coast has to offer; whatever your reasons for coming here, this is the place to get to “there.” Whether you’ve been here before or this will be your first time, Salishan is your basecamp for adventure on the Oregon Coast.

Hike trails carved over millennia during our free, Guided Interpretive Hike. Kayak a coursing river. Stand-up paddleboard among seals and whales. Go for Guided Art Walks, Sunset Yoga, Forest Bathing or Poses and Pints. Play our signature 18-hole golf course, join us for a gourmet dinner, and unwind at our spa. We have everything you need to get “there.”

Summer programming guarantees an invigorating, inviting array of summer activities to choose from. Treat your pooch to Yappy Hour, complete with gourmet bacon-infused water. Follow up with an evening concert on our sprawling, manicured lawn, thirst-quenching craft beers and can’t-eat-just-one handmade, complimentary, gourmet s’mores.

Regardless of what you seek, your journey starts here at the new Salishan.


Many thanks to the Salishan Resort for allowing us to check out their property! Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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