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Erik: Let’s talk socks, yea? Let me preface this review by apologizing to Feetures in advance for not trying these out sooner. I had the pleasure of testing the ‘Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew’ in Cascade Black. First off, I never wear anything higher than ankle socks unless they’re dress socks for work. This has now changed. These bad boys have an uncanny ability to make your feet feel like they’ve been wrapped in light compression, cozy clouds. I’d never thought of myself as one to have a love affair with socks but, these guys have me slightly questioning the possibility.

These aren’t the true compression socks like you’ve grown accustomed to stretching annoyingly over your legs before a long run. They definitely have specific compression zones on the arch and top of your foot which provides a real nice fit. They are also anatomically fit to your left and right foot, so you’ll want to make sure to pay attention to that. While this is an excellent “feeture”, as someone who is oftentimes closer to death than life when I wake up for those 4 AM runs, I found it to be the only detriment as I don’t like paying attention to which foot my sock is going on while still asleep. Another awesome “feeture” with these is the seamless toe design. I can’t count how many times my toes get bunched up with the inseam of traditional socks. Feetures have eliminated that in their design and I thank them immensely for it.

After doing a few runs, hikes, long bike rides, and just everyday use, these will definitely be added to my rotation. I never had any added discomfort which I’m prone to with normal compression socks (maybe it was the 20+ mile runs) but I will say that your feet stay MUCH drier than with other athletic socks. They use an ‘iWICK’ fiber which I attribute to the increased dryness and ultimately better comfort after those long runs. I’ve even grown to love the mini crew so I can show off my sweet stripes!

Bobi Jo: If you’ve gone out for a run more than 3 times in your whole life, chances are you know what sort of socks work for you best…or rather what sort of socks don’t work for you! I’ve been running in the Feetures Elite Light Cushion No-Shows (in ‘Hibiscus’ – a super fun, bubble gum pink color) and have added them to the “to keep” side of my ever-expanding sock collection.

They come in ultra-light, light, or max cushion options and as always with Feetures, they have a left and right designated sock for a proper fit and cushion where it’s supposed to be. The tab on the back is always a great feature for preventing slipping and shoe rubbage on the Achilles and compression around the arch is perfect support.

The material is 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex so they are super soft and moisture-wicking. They are available in various blacks, white, greys, blues, purples, and pink so you can grab a punchy pair or color coordinate – but they’re a great option to add to the sock rotation!

Rachel: As someone who does a lot of hiking and running long distances, I’ve come to really appreciate a good merino wool sock.  The Merino 10 Ultra Light socks are made of 35% Nylon, 32% Wool, 30% Tencel, 3% Spandex, that make for an incredibly comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking fit.

I received these in the sapphire color; a combination of a navy blue with sapphire blue toes and tabs; just one of the 7 color options to choose from.  Each sock includes an anatomical design, conforming to the left and right structure of each foot.  This allows for a more enhanced fit while reducing the risk of blisters. These do have a bit of a tighter feel with their targeted compression in the arches.

I’ve always been a fan of Feetures, both in terms of comfort and quality.  Their socks hold up extremely well after countless miles and washes as compared to many my other running socks which have, unfortunately, ended up with many toe holes.  With any merino wool item, I would recommend adhering to the care tips from their site, which include machine washing cold and hang drying.  These socks have definitely become a staple in my running wardrobe as well as my everyday wear wardrobe.


Company: Feetures (Facebook  |  Instagram)

Elite Specs from website:

    • Patented Sock-Lock Technology to provide targeted compression where it’s needed most.
    • Anatomical design enhances fit, delivering maximum comfort and protection by eliminating blisters.
    • High density cushioning provides extra protection in high impact areas.
    • iWick fibers wick moisture to keep feet cool and dry.
    • The Perfect Toe® (No irritating toe seam.)

Merino Specs from website:

    • Patented Sock-Lock Technology to provide targeted compression where it’s needed most.
    • Anatomical design enhances fit, delivering maximum comfort and protection by eliminating blisters.
    • Ultra thin construction takes up minimal room inside the shoe.
    • Merino+ insulates when wet—keeping your feet warm  in wet, cool conditions.
    • The Perfect Toe® (No irritating toe seam.)
    • No Show Tab height sits below the ankle for maximum versatility.

More about Feetures:

In 2002, after spending 25+ years with a leading manufacturer of athletic socks, I believed that there was an opportunity to create a better performance sock that took advantage of the latest breakthroughs in sock technology. As a runner and someone passionate about being active, I wanted to design a great sock that would enhance the performance of runners and other athletes. My son Joe, who was 15 at the time, came up with the Feetures name during a brainstorming session around the dinner table, and thus a Brand was launched.

Today my sons John and Joe are actively involved in the business, and together we continue to harness new technology with the goal of producing the best performance socks in the world.

Thank you to FEETURES for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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