Cross Training in the HOKA ONE ONE Tivra

If you like the comfort of your HOKA ONE ONE running shoes, but find they interfere with your movement during your cross training workouts, it’s time for you to check out the HOKA ONE ONE Tivra Fitness Trainer. This shoe was designed specifically for the type of movement you need when you workout. While running shoes are built specifically for moving forward, the Tivras are designed for lateral movement, jumping, and support while lifting or carrying additional weight.

I wore the Tivras for several types of workouts and found they held up to a variety of activities. For my High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, I appreciated the “cush” when doing more dynamic movements like jump rope. I also appreciated that the Tivra allowed for quick lateral movement without an abrupt stop or lateral rolling – as is the issue with running shoes. During my strength training workouts, again I liked the “cush” and support the shoe provided when lifting or doing things like walking lunges. The shoe moved with me and didn’t restrict my movements, while overall still feeling supportive.

The only negatives about this shoe for me was that I felt like I had a little too much room in the toe box. While many of you will appreciate the extra width in the toe box, it was a little wide for my foot. The other negative for me was the 4 mm drop. I am used to a lower drop, so I had to fight the shoe a little when doing an exercise where I needed to keep my weight in my heels – not my forefoot/toes, like when squatting. However, you would know about these features going in, so its unlikely you would disappointed in these.

If you’ve been wearing a running shoe for your cross training, I would recommend trying out the Tivra. You will appreciate the the construction of this shoe for more freedom of movement in every direction, while still getting that support you are used to from a running shoe.

As for the construction of the shoe, the sock-like “collar” is a nice feature that keeps the shoe feeling snug around your ankles. The straps on either side of the shoe at mid-foot give a little extra support for that side to side movement, without feeling restrictive. The sole has less intense traction than a running shoe, but still provides ample traction for your workouts. It is more rounded on the edges, as opposed to the more square edges of a running shoe, so you don’t feel like you are going to roll your ankle when you step laterally. Overall, I found the shoe quite comfortable, with good flexibility and movement in every direction.

The Tivra comes in 3 colors: Black/Dark Shadow, Dusty Pink/Mood Indigo, and Silver Sconce/Pavement. And, sorry guys, but it is only available in women’s sizes.

Designed for your most intense workouts, the Tivra ensures responsiveness and cushion when and where you need it. It features a unique forefoot design for stability and balance during lateral or 360-degree movements, and we doubled on that confident feel with TPU wings that offer additional midfoot support and security. Complete with a rubberized foam outsole, the Tivra gives a dynamic ride ready for explosive or quick-twitch movements. If it’s your expectations you’re out to shatter, the Tivra is your hammer.


Product & Price: Women’s Tivra, $110-$170 (Amazon)


  • Lightweight, open engineered mesh provides optimal comfort and breathability
  • TPU wing supports the foot during lateral and 360 movement
  • Lycra collar provides support and comfort
  • Rubberized foam midsole and outsole with rubber pods provides exceptional cushioned comfort that lasts and lasts
  • Heel pull tab for easy on/off
  • Rubberized foam outsole is non-marking and provides great traction on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Sidewall wrap-up design facilitates side to side movement
  • Active foot frame is adapted to cradle and support the heel during side-to-side and 360 movement
  • 7.7 oz (women’s)
  • 4.0 mm drop

More About HOKA:

We recognize our unique position as a global footwear company to make a substantial difference in the world. We do this through our charitable contributions, product donations and employee volunteer efforts. Starting with charitable contributions, in FY18, we proudly donated approximately $1,123,000 to 176 nonprofit organizations. These nonprofits make a wide scale difference in the categories of arts and culture, human services, education, international affairs, environment and animals, health, and society. Doing good in the world is an essential part of our culture and who we are as a brand.

Thank you to HOKA ONE ONE for providing us with a sample pair of shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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