Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: Fast Flats (Tualatin)

I have a few places where I know I can always go and have a good run. Good because I won’t have to watch out for traffic (except bikes and pedestrians), good because I like the scenery, and good because I know if I’m not feeling great I can cut it short and still enjoy the walk. Brown’s Ferry Park in Tualatin is one of these places.

Brown’s Ferry Park connects via the Nyberg Wood Shopping Center to the Discovery Trail, which then is just a few blocks from Tualatin Community Park, which seamlessly meets up with Cook Park, which is just a jump from the Fanno Creek Trail. So it’s part of a trail network that can give you a nice long run, mainly on paved trails.

The “Fast Flats” segment is 0.9 mile, starting just to the west of the barn on the path along the river. What’s cool about this segment is that it continues past the pond and then goes on a short (20 meter) dirt trail and connects to more paved trail. If you don’t know it’s there, you might never go looking for it!  The segment ends before a sharp right that leads to the trailhead at SW Natchez Court (the end of the trail).

I have run this segment; my best was 9:56, but I’m running it again today, so maybe I’ll try to beat it. Within the Run Oregon Club, Shea Vallaire is the women’s leader with a 7:16 from October 2018, and Eric Barten has the men’s (and the overall) record with a 6:30 from June 2017. Go check it out and have fun!

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