Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: Over the Hawthorne Bridge

To cap off Gorgeous Week on Run Oregon, where we’ve shared all the news about the one-day relay collection from Gorgeous Relays, we’ve got a fun segment that is likely to be on the route for the Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay. A unique thing about this Relay is that the legs are not revealed until race day, so it’s always a different adventure. The Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay is on Saturday, May 18. The distance is about 26 miles over 6 legs, including stops at 6 local pubs. Sign up by March 5 to save money. Team size dictates price, and keep in mind, you’ll need a designated driver! Running solo is $70, a 2-person team is $140, a team of 3 or 4 is $280, and a team of 5 or 6 is $420.

This segment is called “Over the Hawthorne Bridge” and starts on the west end, south deck, to the east end. It’s 0.27 miles and flat as a pancake. I’m not posting the CRs because I flagged one of them (no one can run a quarter mile in 29 seconds), but why don’t you go check it out on foot and record your run using Strava? While you’re there, be sure to join the Run Oregon Strava Club, which is FREE to join! (Strava has a free and a premium platform, and the free platform gives you a ton of information, too!)


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