Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: Bike Park Gravel Road

In honor of the hilly Shamrock Run, we have an 0.36-mile climb that gains 107 feet. The segment is the Bike Park Gravel Road and is along the I-205 Corridor starting on the “Toe Trail” and running south to SE Halsey Rd. It look slike a neat little greenway with a lot of trails criss-crossing around the area between the 205 and the 84, where both of them run North-South for a bit. I had no idea those trails were even there, so I want to go check them out! Runderlust in action.

The current leaders of this segment are Allison Torpey with a 3:06 from June 2017 and Graham King with a 2:59 from October 2018. As of today, NO ONE from the Run Oregon club has run this segment so you could be the first!


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