Getting on the right path: A Run Oregon review of the Prospect PX2 shorts and Tahoe Base Liner from Path Projects


Over the past few months, I have tried to be better at changing up my fitness routine. While I have historically had New Year’s goals surrounding mileage and racing, my goal for 2019 was to diversify my workouts a bit and work on cross training, yoga, and weightlifting with more frequency. When finding out that Path Projects (a running company who we reviewed a top from late last year) had a new pair of gym shorts, I was intrigued.

I guess technically, these are multi-purpose shorts that can ABSOLUTELY be used for running, I have fallen in love with these in the gym. At an 8 inch inseam (they also have smaller cuts), they are roomy enough and provide solid coverage. They are also made from their “Toray PX2” fabric, which they describe as heavier and more durable than their standard PX fabric. That being said, their standard stuff must be made out of actual clouds, as the first time I wore these to the gym, I actually glanced down at them as I was sure that the legs had risen up due to static electricity or something because they felt so light. In fact, they were right where they should have been – making them, far and away, the best gym shorts I have ever worn.



There are also numerous pockets for storage (which would make these a great option for taking on hiking trails as well), all of which are zipped for security. Two of the pockets are slant cut and there is a smaller one inside the right for keys. There is another side pocket which will fit most phones and a back zipped pocket as well. At their request, I sized down from a Large to a Medium, and am happy that I did. I’d recommend doing the same.

As with all of Path Project’s shorts, they do not have liners. I was sent a pair of their Tahoe Baseliners which are made from Coolite Mesh – a fabric that is “ultra-light, super-wicking and insanely breathable. It’s a jacquard style knit with an extra measure of softness and loft to the fabric.” Those are good qualities to have, and I found them to be soft, light, and breathable during the times I have had them on.

All-in-all, I have been very much surprised with these shorts and know that these will continue to see a lot of play when I’m in the gym, and when the weather warms up, I would even anticipate these being a new go-to every day short as well!


Company: Path Projects (Facebook)


  • Prospect PX2 Short ($49)
    • 100% polyester with mechanical stretch
    • Weight: 7.2 oz
    • Inseam: 8″
    • 4 YKK hidden zip pockets
    • Tripure elastic waistband
  • Tahoe Baseliner ($27)
    • Coolite Mesh 82% polyester / 18% Spandex birds-eye jacquard knit performance mesh
    • Weight: 2.4 oz / 68 g
    • Inseam: 8″, 5″, and 3″
    • Tripure elastic waistband

More about Path Projects:

It’s a simple question: Why do we run?

To reconnect with the world outside.

To push ourselves and test new limits.

We run to revitalize our spirits.

Keep us strong and independent.

To deepen friendships and discover new ones.

There are as many reasons why people run as there are paths out the door.

That’s why at Path Projects, we design zero-compromise running apparel.

Because we want your experience of running to be as rewarding as possible.

It’s why we seek out the most innovative fabrics and the highest performance materials from Europe and Asia.

It’s why we obsess over the placement and angle of a pocket, the wicking properties of a waistband, the range of motion in a specific yarn.

Every stitch and seam is a debate about comfort, durability and craftsmanship.

We design and modify, test and hack. Because we want to run farther, with less effort, and more joy.

It’s also why, as a company, Path Projects runs differently. We want a closer, more direct conversation with you. So there’s no middle man and no markups in cost.

This in turn gives us the freedom to innovate without cutting a single corner.

We’re able to bring you exceptional technical running apparel at an unheard of price.

There are thousands of reasons why people run.

Each as meaningful and rewarding as the next.

And that is the Why behind Path Projects. Whatever your path, enjoy the journey.


Thank you Path Projects for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.



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