What Run Oregon is Wearing: Pyrenees T19 Hooded top from Path Projects


Every time I think that I have all the running clothing I will ever need, along comes another company to remind me that I am wrong. Runners often are creatures of habit and will stick with certain brands for a very long time based on fit, feel, function and performance. With so many clothing options to choose from, there can also be great benefit for those who are willing to try lesser known brands, especially if the prices are good.

Path Projects clothing was born because a couple of individuals wanted something different while also seeking to make their offering affordable. Founder Scott Bailey started Path Projects in 2015 and went live with online only sales in 2017. This direct to consumer approach has allowed Path to keep costs lower than a lot of major manufacturers, while maintaining a very high level of quality in their products. Interestingly, Path is for men only at this point, further allowing them to focus on a target audience, namely male runners.

5636BAAB-2C92-43E8-87CF-0593AA58E51FBeing a male runner, I was given the opportunity to test one of their lightweight running tops, the Pyrenees T19 LS Hooded Shirt. The T19 stands for TENCEL, which is a type of fabric known for “high breathability and lightweight design, made from eucalyptus wood pulp.” While this might sound rather “new-agey” I will attest to the fact the fabric is ridiculously soft. Beyond the initial feel came the fit. Being a smaller guy (5’-8”, 130lbs), clothing can be a little challenging, but the medium was just right, even if the arms seemed a little long at first. What I also noticed right away were the cutouts. Not only are there holes for thumbs but also a cutout for mywatch. Not having ever seen this before, I admittedly took a picture and sent it to a friend… because this is what we do. In short order, the fit, feel and function all appeared to be working well. The only thing left was to test performance.

As many of you are aware, winter is here, including some cold temps. In my neck of the woods, I have already had the distinct pleasure of experiencing a couple runs in the teens, meaning it’s time to get bundled up. Thankfully, the Pyrenees shirt has a really nice hood, with a snug fit that acts a lot like a neck buff. On my second run with the shirt, I chose to test the hood without the addition of a beanie, on a 21 degree morning. As I began to warm up, I was able to set the hood off the top of my head while still protecting my neck. I went back and forth a few times as the wind shifted, but the shirt remained very comfortable, especially the way the neck fits.

The Pyrenees top is a lightweight shirt, not a thick sweatshirt, which makes it a little more versatile for me, especially as an added layer on cold days. Unlike your typical long sleeved shirt, the addition of the hood makes it a unique piece for any runner. Add to this the way it fits and I am sure this will be one of my go-to tops for layering throughout this winter. Overall, I am excited about the features of the Path Projects shirt and look forward to trying more from them soon.


Cost and where to buy: $62.00 online at Path Projects website. Check out all their apparel here.


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