Race Recap: 2019 Winter PRC 5k – Final Race (Race #3)

People in Portland were thinking we were maybe finally going to escape all the widespread panic over the possibility of snow this year. We’d gotten through December and January with no incidents of true “winter weather” and the first two races of the PRC Winter 5k Series were gorgeous (read recap #1 and recap #2 if you want to see what I mean.) Then February arrived and suddenly, the weather reports changed drastically and everyone was gearing up for the snowmageddon that we apparently could not escape. All of this was predicted to arrive the night before the 3rd and final predictor race in the PRC Winter 5k Race Series.

The race still occurred two years ago when the weather went all icky, so I knew I had to demonstrate support for the race mantra: “Never Let Winter Win.” So I did what any respectable runner in the Pacific NW would do. I ran from my house to meet fellow Blogger Kelly Barten, and we ran to Portland Running Company together. I got almost 10 miles in before I had to start the 5k.

prc winter 5k #4

cold weather selfie with Nichole, Caitlyn, Kelly, and Nikki

Alas, the weather on the west side of Portland was not what the weather report had made us think we would face. Parts of Portland certainly got their share, but that was not the experience we had at Portland Running Company in Beaverton. Our sweepstakes contest winner, Caitlyn Foutch, drove up from Salem, which DID have some bad and scary weather that she had to drive though. We were so happy that she was brave enough to make the trek to do the 5k, and she came smiling and ready for a great race.

For me personally, 10 miles of running and then stopping to hang out in the store made my body pretty cold as the sweat on my clothes turned to chilly water. Standing in the biting cold while listening to the beautiful rendition of the national anthem and a brief “happy birthday” song for Dave Harkin was difficult, and the icy wind was brutal on my cheeks. When we took off for the race, I was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers. I had a hard time running too leisurely because I needed to warm up. So I sped up a bit and had the pleasure of running with the beautiful Nichole Casteneda. The course was the same as always other than a tiny side shuffle on a gravel path where we could avoid a giant water puddle. The bridge crossing had been de-iced that morning by the Run With Paula Crew, always looking out for their runners and walkers. As always, it was well-marked, safe, and manned by cheery volunteers.

prc winter 5k #3

Caitlyn, Kelly, & Nikki with Paula hamming it up behind us

The fun of this particular race series is that the 3rd race is a predictor race. If you run all three of the 5k’s in the series, you probably have a good idea as to how fast you can run it after the first two races since the course never changes. This gives you some time to figure out how fast you think you can run race #3 without any timing devices, (which are not allowed for the final race of the series.) For me, this was pretty impossible to guess because I ran with three different people for each race, and all ran completely different paces. I do find it fun to run without a watch sometimes, especially if you are trying to test your consistency.

prc winter 5k

Caitlyn and Kelly at the finish line, still smiling!

After the run, we headed back to the store where Stanford’s had provided us a delicious hot breakfast that totally hit the spot. Everything in the store was 15% off and I couldn’t resist buying something. Caitlyn won in her age group (Go Caitlyn!!) and even won a raffle prize. Our Own Miss Kelly Barten won ribbons and gift cards for her super accurate predicted finish time and for her age group as well. All in all, a great haul!!

We certainly did not let winter win today. I hope to do it again next year!! Run With Paula Events always put on the best races!!

prc winter 5k #2

Winner winner chicken dinner!!


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