Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: Errol Heights Park WB

This has happened to me. But we’re from Oregon. Our “gently rolling hills” are other people’s mountains.

Hello dear runners! This week’s Strava Segment of the Week (SSOTW) is the Errol Heights Park WB in East Portland, running at Errol Heights Park between SE 45th Ave and SE 52nd Ave just north of the Springwater Corridor off SE Harney Drive. The segment is a nice short one, with a 40-foot drop in the first tenth of a mile and then pretty flat for the rest of it’s 0.31-mile length.

The segment starts off SE Tenino Court on a connector and then meets up with the main trail, swooping left and right until it ends just before SE 45th Ave. The current leaders are husband-and-wife team Erin Skourtes (2:13 from May 2018) and Daniel Bartosz (1:41 from October 2018) who are both very strong runners, but give it a shot and see if you can snag a place on the leaderboard!


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