Kari Traa Running Bras: Support and warmth

Kari Traa might not be a brand you’re familiar with, but if you have shopped at Running Princess in Crovallis or Bend, you may have seen their gear. Their style is a mix of modern and Nordic, with designs that are eye-catching but not dizzying, and their profiles are fitted and flattering.

If you’ve read my other bra reviews, you know I’m a fan of bras that are a mix of compression and encapsulation. Compression holds the breast tissue close to the body to stop bouncing and encapsulation is when there’s a structure beyond just what you can get by wrapping duct tape around your chest. I typically wear a 34D and while I’m not planning on showing off my sports bras, I like to buy fun colors and styles.

I tried out the DRIVA bra from Kari Traa for the following reasons:

  • Two adjustable points for proper fitting: the back closure and the shoulder straps
  • A bonus closure point at the top of the back (to be fastened after all other adjustments are made)
  • The soft merino wool fabric lining the cups
  • The peek-a-boo liner with a contrasting edge that adds a little modesty if showing off cleavage isn’t your thing (it’s not mine)

The DRIVA bra from Kari Traa in Jam.

First things first, take a look at the size chart. Kari Traa is a Norwegian company (named after the Norwegian skier who earned three Olympic medals) so sizing is based on the European system. That means a 34D is an 80D. One thing about the DRIVA bra is that the sized offered seem to top out at this size, so it would work well for those who have a smaller frame but need larger cups. The 80D size gave me a snug fit, but it was very comfortable. I probably would have also been fine if there was an 80DD or an 85D, but I have wider-than-usual shoulders from my years of rowing and my natural body shape.

As with all sports bras, you want to close the back hooks and then the arms. With the DRIVA, you’ll want to do this before putting the bra on for a run, as their adjustable back straps let you loosen things or tighten them up for less or more compression in the front. Then, before closing the upper back clip, adjust your breast tissue inside the lightly molded cups so everything is all contained. Then you’ll find yourself ready to go because everything is pretty much where it will stay for the duration of the run!

The DRIVA comes in three colors: Navy (with pale blue accent), Jam (with light pink and coral accent), and Dove (a smoke grey with lighter grey and black accent). Keep your eyes on the Kari Traa website; the DRIVA will be available this spring for $60. While you’re there, also check out their Outlet page which has some really cute tights and tanks for great prices.

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