Loosening up with the Morph Alpha collapsible foam roller by Brazyn


One of the biggest drawbacks (and excuses) for using foam rollers is that they can be a pain to lug around. Unless you are carrying around a gym bag everywhere, it’s not easy to just tuck it under your arm all the time. It also makes it a space nightmare if you are travelling for a race, or even out of town when you will be running.  The Alpha from Brazyn breaks down from the standard cylindrical shape into a flattened version that’s only about two inches thick and under two pounds. This has made this actually easy to pack in my backpack, work satchel, and carry on luggage, so I can do some work with it on the go. Again, the excuses go out the window.

When it is ready for action, it expands to the standard 5.5 inches and measures about 14.5 inches from end to end. That’s actually a nice size for me as someone who is taller (6’2), because I can work my back all at once instead of needing to do in smaller sections with shorter rollers.


And, surprisingly, the transition from active to flat is simple and takes mere seconds.

1) TO ROLL:  Pull both strings.  Check to ensure end disks are fully open & against the u-shaped stoppers at both ends of the foam roller

2) TO COLLAPSE: Locate the “PUSH” stickers on both end disks and push in firmly on both “BRAZYN” disks until The Morph is fully collapsed.  Be careful not to squeeze the outside of the roller when collapsing.

Even I can manage that!

On top of each of the rolling sections are smaller foam nubs that allow the ability to target some problem areas in a more focused manner than just a completely smooth option roller. The Brazyn Bravo is actually a smooth version, so if nubs aren’t your thing – check this one out. It comes with all of the same great options as the Alpha. Also check out their Skins, which slip over the roller to help it stay a little safer from the elements and last a bit longer.

If you are a foam rolling novice like myself, these come with a 30 day warranty to make sure it’s for you and a 2 year warranty for any defects that may occur. Also check out their Foam Rolling 101.

I’m not the only one being a fan of Brazyn. Their list of elite athletes include some of the best in the running biz – including numerous Olympic runners. Check it out.

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More About Brazyn:

Brazyn Life has an ethos: boldly, unabashedly, fearlessly live life – A BRAZYN LIFE. We believe life is lived and experienced through a series of finish lines (proverbial and literal).   Whether your next finish line is at the end of a race, the peak of a mountain, the buzzer at the end of a game, the close of a business deal, the Arrivals terminal in an exotic foreign land, or at simply taking those first steps towards a healthier life, Brazyn Life aims to give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals.   By providing products that are both innovative and dedicated to mobility, we cater to the lifestyle needs of anyone that takes their health seriously – from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, the young surfer to the retired yogi. At home or on the go, Brazyn Life wants to keep you in your peak physical condition so you can live life the way you’re meant to…Brazyn-ly!

Thank you to Brazyn for providing us with a sample roller. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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