Race Recap: The 2018 Glow Run (Dallas)

Epic participants bag with bib #, t-shirt, Gatorade, sanitizer, free pizza, free coffee, free drink, mint, glow sticks, headlamp and more!

On the evening of October 13th 2018 the 3rd annual Dallas Glow Run took place starting at the Academy Building, downtown Dallas. It was a beautiful evening, excellent running weather and many locals were out to take part in this family event! There were three races this year. The competitive 5k, starting at 6:00p. The non-competitive 5k at 7:00p and the kids race at 6:30p. I ran the competitive 5k race, interested in how it felt to run faster in my own town! I also had friends doing the 5k (non-competitive) so I thought I would go out with them as well, to feel the excitement of “lots” of people. The competitive 5k had 22 finishers, while the non-competitive had 100’s of participants/finishers! 472 to be exact! A very high numbers for a small town race!

I live, not too far from the start, so I ran part of the course to the starting line. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large amount of volunteers out on the course early, getting everything ready. I wouldn’t call this an easy course, as the 2nd mile is ran through the Dallas City Park Arboretum and over the “shaky” bridge, but it sure is a fun course. I did try my best to run it fast! AT 6:00p we didn’t need headlamps yet. We took off at the Academy building a few minutes after 6:00 up on the road. There were locals and out-of-towners out to see who could take the top three! We ran by the post-office and took a right on Mill St. headed towards the Dallas City Park. Running down Mill was fun and fast with a gentle down hill section. As we entered the park, there were volunteers all over. I’ve never seen so many volunteers at a small town race before. There were 135 people helping with the race! Outstanding! As we entered the park, we ran around the edges on the parking lot then took a turn left onto the grass and headed strait to the “shaky bridge.” It’s not really “shaky”  but that what I call it. It’s a safe pedestrian suspension bridge that I’ve always been afraid to run over, due to it feeling “shaky,” especially if there is more than one person on the bridge at the same time!

Today I decided to go all out, so I ran over the bridge for the very first time and it went surprisingly well. I turned left and went up the small incline to the Delbert Hunter Arboretum  There were lights already set up along the path, making it easy to know where to go. We made a sharp turn or two in the Arboretum before heading up to the neighborhood on the far side of the park. I run this road all the time, so I felt comfortable and tried to speed up! We looped and came back down into the park, but this time stayed on a paved path. There were many people in the park, cheering us on. After coming out on SW Park St, we went down and ran a section of the River trail, coming out on Main St. We then took a right to take the finish at the Academy building! It was just starting to get dark! 

I enjoyed chatting with the girls who came in close to me, some from out of town! It was a great race with so much support. My watch did track it at as 2.92 miles, not 3.1 (5k), but it’s is a fun run and I know that often fun runs can be a little short. The race director Sheila Peirce was on sight before and after the race to answer any question one might have!

At 6:30p ages 6 and under took part in a kids run! The kids were dressed up and loved taking part in this fun event! 7:00p came, it was now nice and dark! 100’s of runners and walkers gathered at the start with glow sicks, headlamps and lots of orange colors and costumes. I joined in the crowd seeing many from work and from around the community.  My friends were excited!  We took off and I loved the atmosphere. So many great attitudes and excitement. My friends were so motivated by this 5k, they are talking about doing another!

The Dallas Glow run brings in 100’s of dollars for Dallas Christmas Cheer Christmas cheer, providing assistance to children and families in need in the Dallas area.

If you are in the Salem/Dallas area, this small town race is a great one to support in 2019! The 5k is $30.00, goes to a great cause and is lots of fun! Don’t miss any announcements by following Dallas Glow Run on Facebook HERE!

Glow Run Comp

2018 results from the competitive race.  The non-competitive race isn’t timed.

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