Race Preview: 2018 Mud, Sweat & Beers 5k (Woodburn)

My husband rarely runs, and the promise of beer is really the only thing that will motivate him to get through a race. The 2018 Mud, Sweat & Beers 5k Mud Run on September 22nd is the perfect run for people like my husband, and I for one am always up for an adventure like this one as well.

This race is at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm and the proceeds support the Woodburn Rotary Foundation. Because it’s a mud run, plan to get good and dirty, as there will be multiple obstacles to climb and claw your way through as well as lot of dirt, sweat, water, and mud that are waiting for you.

The race starts at 11:00AM in first-come-first-serve waves of 4-10 people at a time for safety reasons.  There will be 12 obstacles on the 5k route throughout the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm with 2 aird stations on the course and 1 porta potty. Plan to wade through ponds and jump over hay bales, as well as contend with an irrigation pipe and a ravine. There will be a slip and slide to greet you at the end to get some of that mud off you. No worries if there are any obstacles you wish to bypass, as there’s no pressure to complete every task. This is a self-timed event, though there will be clocks at the start and finish. Please plan on your watch being waterproof if you plan on wearing one, and maybe don’t wear your most pristine running clothes either. The last wave will be released at 1:00PM.

Enjoy the Brewfest at the finish line, which is open from noon to 5:00PM. Hang out and listen to the music, partake in the food, and of course drink the beer! If there’s no other reason to do this race, the after-party should be well worth the journey. The race entry fee of $45 a person (or $40 a person for teams of 4 or more) will buy you entry to the Brewfest, an official beer mug, and 3 beer tasting tickets. That’s a steal for such a fun event!!

Bring your family even if they don’t want to run this one. Spectators are encouraged to come cheer on the race participants and have access to water guns and balloons. After the race, they can join you at the Brewfest.



What: 2018 Mud, Sweat, & Beers 5k Mud Run

When: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. Waves start at 11:00AM

Where: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm (33814 S Meridian Rd, Woodburn)

Register: Here

Registration Cost: $40 per person for teams of 4 or more, $45 for individual participants over 21, $40 for those under 21. Prices will increase $5 on race day.

Packet Pick-Up: Day of race at the race site starting at 10:00AM

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