Strava Segment of the Week: ORRC Greenway Trail Trial segment “FC North of bridge to pond”

Monday is the ORRC Greenway Trail Trial, a non-profit race for which Abby Meek, Nikki Mueller, and I are volunteer race directors, so of course the segment this week is on the course!

This race now crosses Hall Blvd. at the Fanno Creek Trail pedestrian crossing, with a little help from Beaverton PD. So the segment “FC North of bridge to pond” starts right after you cross the bridge running north to the first trailhead to SW Bel Aire Drive (which is where our aid station will be). It’s 0.45 miles and flat as you ever did see, so it should be fast. Of course, it’s during a 10k race, so you decide how much gas to give it, but why not aim for the segment?

Current course records are 2:45 (by Bree Woodruff in August 2016) for the women’s and 2:22 (by Clint VanderGiessen in February 2015) for the men’s. Fast times, but I bet someone can beat them this weekend!

And as a bonus to get you to try it: if you run this segment as a registered participant of the 2018 ORRC Greenway Trail Trial, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an entry for the 2019 ORRC Greenway Trail Trial! You do not have to set a new CR, just log it on Strava and upload it by Friday, September 7. Your run must be set to public for us to find it, too, and we’ll compare the registration list for the race to the recorded segments during the race time.

Fanno Creek Trail 2018

Part of the Greenway Trail Trial course.

Remember, Strava is FREE (they also have a paid version with more features). Run Oregon has a Strava Club you can join, just to get more cheers from local runners. There are currently 215 members in this club; fun people like Darrin Ratcliff, Shelby Callahan, and Ben Stanley!

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