What Run Oregon is Wearing: Tops and shorts from rabbit

I have nothing but good things to say about the rabbit gear I’ve been running in. I fell in love with them last year from a pair of shorts and they’re my favorite go-tos. There is many a race photo of me in these loud, blue bottoms! When my new sweetie tank and lady dukes shorts arrived in the mail, I was downright giddy.

The lady dukes shorts are the women’s version of the beloved men’s daisy dukes. They are short and sweet, with a split leg and generous opening (you know, for those of us with “trail runner legs”). The waistband is soft and wide, which makes them super comfortable. They have rabbitMESH liner that is lightweight, breathable, scratch and chafe-free, though admittedly not “ride free” so you can cut it out if you prefer.

As any running short worth its weight should, they have a rear zippered pocket, and also dual front internal pockets. And while I’m not the most fashionable runner (it’s hard to pair my hot pink running pack to anything), these come in a fun red/gray, teal/navy, or black/gray, so pick your style and coordinate – or not! The lady duke originals have a 2.5″ inseam (all sizes) or opt for the lady dukes long-ish, with a 4″ inseam (all sizes).

The sweetie tank is arguably the softest piece of clothing I own. I love how lightweight the fabric is and just…buttery. It fits well – not tight, but not boxy – and what’s not to love about a racerback? I am typically not a fan of the higher necklines, simply due to my own body shape, but this tank won me over after miles with pack straps across my chest.

Again, great color options from rabbit: black/gray, lime/navy, or teal/navy.

rabbit has a bit of something for every preference, whether it be color choice, inseam length, pocket count, they have a wide variety of other running shorts at different price points. They also have tees, tanks, bras, socks, tights, and pull-overs. Check ’em out!

Shorts Specs:

  • 89% poly/ 11% spandex

Tank Specs:

  • Main body: 94% poly/ 6% spandex
  • Neckline: 94% tencel/ 6% poly


I tested the men’s ez tee and jackrabbits, and like Bobi Jo, I thought these were great.

The ez tee has a nice pattern that stands out a little from the generic solid color prints that are common for tech shirts, but it’s not so loud and blaring as to draw undue attention. It’s a subtle look. The shirt ran true to size, so medium was about ideal for me (5’10”, thin). How does it feel? With a good tech shirt, you don’t notice it, because it’s not bunching up or clinging to you. I didn’t notice any of that with the ez tee. It’s a well-designed shirt with an interesting weave where the front of the shirt is made of different material than the back.

On to the shorts…. The jackrabbits are billed as “half tights.” If you like longer shorts than the “daisy dukes” style that Bobi Jo highlighted, you will probably like these. They have elastic at the waistband to keep the shorts from falling down, and at the thigh to reduce/eliminate chafing. I’ve found with other shorts that have an inner compression lining that it’s hard to wear underwear. I tend not to like that feel. With the jackrabbits, the thigh compression was really just at the end of shorts, and it was quite comfortable wearing underwear. (Yea for not having to go commando!) There were no front pockets, but the rear zipper pocket is generously large as far as those go. I like the sleek feel of these shorts and look forward to using them as one of the go-to pairs for races.

ez tee Specs:

  • 94% poly/ 6% spandex (front)
  • 86% Tencel/ 14% polyester (back)

jackrabbits Specs:

  • 76% poly/24% spandex
  • 9″ inseam

Bonus: they are all made in California!

Company: rabbit (Facebook)
Products and Price:

More About rabbit:

We created rabbit because we wanted something better. We both are lifelong runners and so we’ve tried all the running apparel out there, but we never found anything we loved. With athletic apparel everywhere you look, it’s hard to believe that no one had perfected the running short, but that’s exactly how it felt to us. Some things were too complicated, others too fussy, and plenty were downright ugly. Even worse, none seemed to really consider the distinct activity of running and the legitimate and specific needs of the runner.

We thought about this problem for quite a while and finally we decided that we were going to solve it ourselves. We started to think about what exactly it was that we wanted from our running clothes. And we asked dozens of runners to sit down for interviews so we could learn what exactly they wanted from their running clothes and see if they were feeling the same things we were. We chalked up all of the pros and cons of every garment we could get our hands on. And, after all that, we believed that we could make something better.


Thank you to rabbit for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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