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I’m not a morning person. When I pack my lunch at night for the following morning, I sometimes marvel at how much stuff I have laid out. I have food and snacks, coffee, vitamins, as well as my bags. When I am walking to work, I feel like I am moving in half the time. Redd Bars is able to condense that a little bit, as they are combining essentially three of those elements into one Protein Bar + Energy Shot + Multi-Vitamin.

Redd bars aren’t just around to lighten a morning load, but they also provide a lot of goodness for a runner. In addition to being gluten-free and vegan, the bars are packed with:

  • 10g Protein
  • 11 Superfoods
  • 19 Vitamins + Minerals
  • 35+mg Natural Caffeine (= 1/3 Cup of Coffee)

Redd was actually the creation of a college student who was fed up with college food. I can attest to that.

My college meal plan wasn’t cutting it. I burned through it in the first few weeks of the semester. After that, finding good alternatives was tough. I could’ve probably gotten by on chips but, to me, food is really important. It affects you, mentally and physically. Eat crap, feel like crap. Eventually, I found my way to a local health food store.

I didn’t have much time or money so I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I hit the bulk foods section and mixed a bunch of inexpensive, nutritionally dense ingredients into a big bag. The concoction — and trust me, it really was a concoction — not only sustained me, it gave me a serious and sustained energy boost.

Long story short, he marketed these within his dorm, sold to his classmates, and the rest is history. Redd started in June 2014 and are moving along. We were sent a few bars and the verdict is … these are good!

Kelly took them with her on a work trip, because the continental breakfast at most hotels is sugary, full of carbs, and not enough to fill you for a long day at a trade show. She also shared a few with her co-workers who go to the gym at 4 a.m. every day and eat four protein-filled meals during their 8-hour workday (no joke).

Kelly’s opinion was that they tasted better than she expected. In addition to having good nutrition, with a lot of protein so that you won’t get hungry again in an hour, they’re good. They actually taste like real flavors and not some made-in-a-lab taste that leaves you looking for something to drink right away. Her favorites were the salted caramel and the mint chocolate, which she thought could actually fill in for a brownie in certain circumstances.

Her co-workers, who typically eat a chicken breast and broccoli at 8:30 a.m., also liked the Redd Bars. What surprised Kelly the most was not that they appreciated the protein and flavor, but that one them shared with his wife, who has a gluten sensitivity and also tries to avoid dairy. She loved them, and now his whole family (including two elementary-age girls) packs them regularly for snacks.

Redd Bars can serve as breakfast or as a snack during the time you’re hungry and want something sweet. Kelly’s got a box in her desk drawer for Friday mornings, when her office provides donuts. This way she can have something sweet that’s a little healthier but still satisfy her sweet tooth!

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