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I should be better at incorporating protein into my snacks and post-race. For whatever reason, when I’m hungry, be it at work or after a workout, I feel like pounding down carbs (and beer). I know that’s not the most ideal, so I have to make a conscious decision to find good ways for protein. I generally do this in bar form, which is fine after expending some calories, but I always feel like I put way too many calories into a protein bar in the early morning. For the past few weeks, I have been incorporating Skinny Salamis as a way to pack in the protein (20-32 grams in each 2 serving package) and keep the calories manageable (160-180 in each package).

I found that these have been a “fun” addition into my snacking profile. My only associate with “meat sticks” are generally the…interesting looking…ones at the counter of gas stations. These are definitely not those. Each are made in small batches from the high quality meats and are “slow cured, antibiotic free and [have] no added hormones”.

I really like the different flavor options as well. The spices and herbs really shine through and make each unique and tasty. My favorite was the Spicy Pork Chorizo, with a bit of a kick in addition to the taste. I’d recommend checking these out as a fun and protein-packed snack option. They are super packable, which would make them great when hitting the trails for running or hiking this year. Relay season is also just around the corner, so if you are in charge of snacks, these may be a great and unique option.


Company: Skinny Salamis

Products & Price:

  • All available via Amazon (6-pack for $42)
    • Casbah Pork
    • Pork with Truffles
    • Lamb Merguez
    • Street Cart Shwarma Lamb
    • Spicy Pork Chorizo
    • Black Angus Beef

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