Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Packable Instant Oatmeal by Roam Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts and snacks. Whether hot or cold, it fills me up and is a quick and easy delicious meal. Instant oatmeal is great for camping and travel, but taste and texture is hit and miss. I was very excited to try some Roam Oatmeal, which is organic, gluten-free, and made in Portland OR. Like most instant oatmeal, it comes in single serve bags, and these bags are sturdy enough that you can fill your hot water right into the bag. On the back side of the bag there’s a suggested fill-line indicator, and while your oatmeal is steeping, you can use the zip closure to avoid unintended spills.

I have tried these packets both with hot water (on break at work/school) and prepared with cold milk at home, and they are delicious! The flavors come through nicely, and they aren’t overly sweet. With 10g of protein in the 320cal serving it gives me lasting energy while satisfying my sweet tooth at the same time. The flavors are inspired by the Pacific Northwest wilderness and named after local destinations: Lost Creek Coconut Cranberry is my favorite, closely followed by Mount Hood Mocha Hazelnut (contains caffeine). Torres Del Paine Cinnamon Pecan is very good as well, and Cochamo Chocolate Peanut Butter rounds out the collection. You can purchase 6packs and 12packs, both single flavor and mixed flavors.


Company: Roam Oatmeal


  • Lost Creek Coconut Cranberry
  • Mount Hood Mocha Hazelnut
  • Torres Del Paine Cinnamon Pecan
  • Cochamo Chocolate Peanut Butter


  • $21/6 pack
  • $39/12 pack

About Roam Oatmeal:

In 2015, Co-Founder Kevin and two friends ventured into the deep Patagonian backcountry with 105 liters of gear each. For the next few months they explored some of the most remote backcountry in the world, descending the wild rivers of Chile into the beautiful glacial valleys and inlets. This oatmeal was born on that trip. To stay fueled, and more importantly to keep breakfast enjoyable, the crew started mixing the various things they could find in the local markets with their oatmeal, setting the foundation for the flavors and recipes that became Roam Oatmeal.

Back in the US, Kevin and Russell backpacked into the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon, and it was here that the idea to turn these delicious oatmeal blends into a business started. There’s nothing like hours of hiking, sitting around the campfire, and talking about life to put a plan in motion, and that’s exactly what happened. The seeds of the idea grew, and after almost two years of modifying and perfecting the recipes, we are excited to bring Roam Oatmeal to you.

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Thank you to Roam Oatmeal for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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