Run Oregon Wardrobe: Check out the new Instinct Cap and Gateway Tech Hoodie from Territory Run Co.

If you are a Portland runner, then I am guessing that you have heard of Territory Run Co. They were built right here in Portland and have grown into a pretty solid national presence in the national trail running scene.

The new Getaway Tech Hoodie is a unisex, 100% polyester, long-sleeved top that is a perfect addition to cool weather running here in the PNW (and beyond). It’s breathable, moisture wicking, and has thumb holes, like many running tops out there. However, unlike most long-sleeved tops, it comes with an accompanying hood that can be used for a little extra warmth, or even as a non-running top in casual everyday settings as well. I know I have used it for both.

The look is simplistic, yet awesome. It has the classic Territory Run Co. logo on both sides – a small version on the chest on front and the larger image on the back.

As for the fit, it falls more on the athletic and trim side. For those who are tall-ish (like myself),  I have mentioned in a dozen times here on Run Oregon, but I always appreciate long-sleeved tops that don’t come up short on us long-wingspanned individuals. This top was great in that regard and I would recommend it on this  alone considering the generous length (at least in the Large). Since it also fits a bit trimmer, if you are bigger in the gut (also like myself), it does make things a little snug in that region – at least for me. It’s not a deal breaker, as it’s not a crazy compressed top and I could probably stand to cut out the beer and lose a few inches there, but just a consideration for potentially sizing up if you are concerned. The top also isn’t super long, so if you extend upwards on the height scale, you may also want to go a size bigger or be comfortable with it sitting right at the shorts line and not much longer.

I always wear headwear when I run. It usually varies between headbands, visors, and caps of all sizes. I’ not too picky and I will often run in my Kansas City Royals hat (that smells mostly like death). That being said the Instinct Cap, while not necessarily one that I would have picked out myself, has been winning me over on the last few runs. While the tiny bill is not my favorite (mostly because I’m and ex-Collegiate baseball player), it really isn’t all that hard to get used to. The mesh cap is also ridiculously lightweight (an underrated quality) and does a fantastic job at keeping sweat away from the face. The adjustable reflective drawcord makes sizing a cinch (for when I become lazy on getting my hair cut) and would be perfect for those with larger heads – something that can be a challenge for finding good-fitting headwear.

It’s also really good-looking. From the color scheme to the images – it’s just all around solid headwear. I’m hoping for expanded designs in the future, as though it took a few runs to love this cap – I’m all in now.


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More About Territory Run Co.

Territory Run Co. is an independent trail running apparel brand, created to empower the wild hearted. We wish to spend our time running on a mountain or forest trail, sitting around a campfire, living close to nature and seeking what is wild and free. We are a group of individuals who feel most alive running deep in the forest or on a mountain trail. Each time we get out we gain perspective. We see that our time is best spent as close to nature as possible and the more we find ourselves with modern distractions the less we feel at home. We are committed to pursuing our true instincts and getting off the beaten path.


Thank you to Territory Run Co. for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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