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There are so many choices when it comes to workout apparel these days that it can be a bit overwhelming. Even worse, you never know how something will perform until you’re wearing it, and by then I am generally too lazy to return something if it doesn’t quite work out. I’m always on a quest for the best, and I have to say that RYU gear is a new favorite of mine.

RYU (Respect Your Universe) is an innovative urban athletic company located in Canada, and I recently got to review a pair of their Tough Tight capris and a Vapor Long Sleeve top.

My goal for athletic pants is that I shouldn’t notice them when I am working out or running in them. That means no having to hitch them over my belly, no having to tug at the material around my big runner’s calves, no falling down or cutting off my circulation. They should be supportive but comfortable. The capris I received from RYU were the “rain” pattern which looked pretty slick, and they have a thick waistband that almost reminded me of maternity pants upon first glance. However, when I put them on, there was nothing maternity-like about them. They hold everything in, but there is no bulge or anything that feels like it’s cutting into my skin. They are made of compression fabric, so they feel super secure and like they would not fall down without a serious fight. They are also butter-soft smooth, but still have all the functionality of an athletic pant. They look fantastic and conceal all the stuff women usually like to be able to hide when wearing workout pants.

How do they feel for a workout or run? Well, the tights perform amazingly. Despite the fact that the material is thicker than some of the cheaper quality athletic tights, the RYU tights never get too hot. They aren’t itchy or uncomfortable, and they never sag or feel too tight. They feel as good as they look. These are some quality tights!! I’m going to love running in these this spring and summer!

As far as the Vapor Long Sleeved top, I initially noticed that the material was not as soft as some tech-type shirts. Also, the cuffs of the sleeves fit a bit more snug than many of my long-sleeved workout tops. As soon as I put it on, it felt very lightweight and comfortable, almost like nothing at all on my body. No itchy seams or tags and it was baggy where it needed to be and tighter where it needed to be also. It was a flattering fit.

One of the things I love about this shirt is that the odor control doesn’t wash out and the material has inhibitors which help prevent bacteria from growing, so it doesn’t have to be washed as often as many other pieces of clothing would after a sweaty workout.

I ran 22 miles in the shirt and it stayed dry through the whole journey. The moisture wicked away nicely from my skin and the shirt never felt heavy even when I began to sweat a lot. I stayed warm but never got overheated. I could not have been more comfortable. A lot of shirts on my long runs get super wet and I end up shivering as soon as I stop, but I didn’t experience that with this shirt. I also didn’t have any chafing issues. This will for sure be my new go-to shirt for many runs to come.

I would highly recommend either of the items from RYU that I tried and I am looking forward to trying other products in their line.

Company: RYU (Respect Your Universe (Find them on Facebook)

Product & Price: Tough Tight – Interlock ($90)

Specs (from website):

  • Body (Asphalt, Charcoal, Prints): TecLayr™ – 79% Polyester, 21% Spandex. Gusset Liner: Carbon Mesh
  • Quick-drying Polyester with built-in moisture management
  • 4 way stretch for supportive qualities
  • Resists pilling
  • TriLayr™ Innovation – Breathable, layered compression construction wraps around the waistband for 360° of support
  • Internal compression fabric
  • Creates support for your core
  • Smoothens your silhouette
  • Carbon fiber adds a permanent bacteriostatic performance
  • Bluesign® awarded fabric
  • Active Seam and flatlock construction in the right places to reduce chaffing and bulk
  • Tailored waist and yoke construction that lift & define your assets
  • Inner pocket located in the small of your back to stash your phone + cards
  • Locker Loop makes it easy to hang anywhere
  • Discrete logo placement


Product & Price: Vapor Long Sleeve Top ($67) 

Specs (from website):

  • Body: TecLayr™ Seamless – 70% Nylon, 30% Polyester with Polygiene®
  • 130 gsm ultra light seamlessly knit fabric
  • 4 way stretch
  • Cross-section nylon yarns used increases surface area for enhanced wicking
  • UPF 50+
  • Polygiene® – Antimicrobial Silver Salt Treatment
  • Odor control will not wash out as the technology is bound and permanently integrated in the fabric
  • Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi at the source
  • Is only active on the textiles itself and does not interfere with the skins natural bacterial flora
  • Garment does not need to be washed as often as bacteria does not grow
  • The Seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothing almost free of seams-reducing fabric and seam weight
  • The seamless knitting machines almost eliminate the need to produce and then sew together pieces of fabric, thus making the seam obsolete
  • Ability to transition from one fabric texture type to another without seaming
  • Engineered zones that create airflow
  • Locker Loop makes it easy to hang anywhere

More about RYU:

We Respect You

RYU was built on the fundamental understanding that we are multi-faceted and multi-disciplined. It’s about respecting your choices, individualism and journey. It is knowing at our core that we are all connected and that it’s our differences that make us extraordinary. And human.

Beautiful Tough

Living with integrity is tough. Yet it is in this toughness, this humanity, that we find true beauty. We believe beauty is achievement earned – not an aesthetic bestowed. Our beauty is measured by our thoughts and actions and extends to our designs, team, partnerships and community. Where being respectful is a way of life, not a tag line.

Facilitating Human Performance

You are more than your training, your workout or the sport you play. You have chosen a healthy, active lifestyle that inspires everyone around you. That’s why we build and engineer products that are not only the best to train in, but are tailored for any urban setting. An innovative way of thinking how we live, dress and perform.

We believe if we can facilitate your performance, you will lead the way for everyone. By choosing to respect our differences, and honour our humanity, we can truly celebrate our oneness.

Then the only tough thing should be your training.


Thank you to RYU for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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