More pockets means less accessories: A Run Oregon review of FlipBelt Crops

You’ve probably used or at least heard of FlipBelt, “the original tubular belt that revolutionized running waist packs.” But, did you know they now make FlipBelt Crops? This mid-rise athletic legging has the FlipBelt built right in. No need to add another accessory! When I heard about these running tights, I had to try them. I don’t like having to wear extra “things” to carry items for a long run, so having the FlipBelt on when I put on my tights sounded like a win to me!

FlipBelt Crops – Mid Rise Athletic Leggings


These tights fit comfortably and were true to size. I was surprised that the waistband felt just like any other pair of tights. I was expecting it to be bulkier or tighter, but it wasn’t. There is a zipper pocket in back and two slip-in pocket openings in front. I put a gel in my zipper pocket and it fit great. I also tried putting my MP3 player in one of the front pockets, as a “bounce test.” It didn’t move at all! During my run I moved my MP3 player out of my pocket and hooked it onto the outside of my waistband so I could access the buttons. It did great clipped on, as well. The waistband didn’t sag, roll, or cause the MP3 player to bounce.

On another test of these capris I took my keys and phone with me. One of the front pocket openings has a little hook to clip your keys (or other items) to. I hooked my key ring on and put my keys inside that pocket. I was thinking I would put my phone in the back zippered pocket, but found that is better suited for smaller items. Instead I slipped my phone into the other front pocket opening. There was plenty of room for my large phone and it sat snugly in place without moving or bouncing around. That surprised me. I thought it would be uncomfortable to have my phone in the front of my waistband, but it was hardly noticeable.

The tights are made of a thin fabric, so they are definitely not for cold weather running, but for almost-spring and warmer running they worked great. While I would prefer a slightly thicker fabric, I didn’t have any issues with discomfort, sagging, riding up, etc. The fabric is very comfortable and I didn’t have any issues with seams. The only negative about these is that the thinner fabric really shows your sweat, even though the capris are black. (Of course, I sweat like a man, so for many of you this won’t be an issue.)

Overall, I give the FlipBelt Crops two thumbs up! If you want to carry items with you on the run (or walk,) these work like a dream – no extra accessories needed! Comfortable, plenty of pockets, and everything stays put. What’s not to like about these?

Company: FlipBelt

Product and Price: FlipBelt Crops, $89

More About FlipBelt:

Over 2 million runners prefer securing their items with a FlipBelt when they run. The difference is clear, FlipBelts are the comfortable, balanced, functional way to carry a phone and keys while running. They won’t bounce or chafe, and they just work how they should. Simplify your running gear with FlipBelt.

The only pair of running pants with an integrated FlipBelt waistband that discreetely secures your essential items while you’re running, in the gym, and on the go. Comfortable and functional, these running pants with phone holder are the perfect solution for an active lifestyle.



Thank you to FlipBelt for providing us with a pair of FlipBelt Crops. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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