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Starting a running clothing company in the world of giants like Nike, Brooks, New Balance, and Saucony is a huge challenge and takes a lot of guts, but those factors often result in a dedication and focus that leads to high quality, unique products. And we at Run Oregon are lucky to get a chance to try out some of these pioneering garments from small but proud companies.

The latest packages to arrive on Run Oregon’s doorstep were from a Florida company called Vast Terrain. Each package included a hand-signed letter from co-owner Carrieann Banacki-Gillert. We received a bright red Elevate Technical Tee, a pair of black Endurance 7” Shorts, the Excel 7/8 legging, and the light pink Infinity Technical Tee. To give you an idea of how new and small this company is, these items comprise the entire range of Vast Terrain’s men’s clothing line and 2/3 of the women’s line. But if the quality is any indication, their offerings will soon increase and the company will be around for a long time.


The Men’s Elevate Technical Tee is very well-constructed, with raglan sleeves (always a hit with me) and high-quality reinforced flatlock seams. The narrow bottom hem is bonded (not sewn), so it’s smoother and rubs less than most shirts, and it has a nice heft that keeps the shirt from flapping or riding up (one of my favorite features). The fabric has a satisfying stretchiness, stays dry, and is nicely breathable. And the red color (the only hue available so far) is rich and bold. The fabric contains silver salts to combat odors, but since I finish every run smelling minty fresh anyway, I couldn’t really give that feature an adequate test 😉

The Men’s Endurance 7” Shorts are slightly longer than the average running shorts, and the weight of the fabric falls pleasantly somewhere between similar shorts I’ve tested by Montane (thinner and lighter) and Endeavor (thicker and heavier). The Vast Terrain Endurance Shorts are nicely tailored, fit well, and are very comfortable on the run. The built-in liner is well-designed and breathable. Like the Elevate Tee, they are solidly constructed, with reinforced seams, and a smooth, bonded hem. Laser-cut holes along the sides provide good ventilation and are just plain cool (no pun intended). The shorts include a standard inner key pocket (though placed near the side instead of at the front like most running shorts – not that there’s anything wrong with it) and a larger outer pocket with a weather-sealed zipper (a great feature on rainy runs).

Bobi Jo:

The Women’s Excel 7/8 Leggings are exactly that – not quite capris and not full length pants. I have a love-hate relationship with this length. I initially pull and tug on them, thinking they’re not fitting right, then remember the length. Once I get running, I am grateful for some air flow, as full-length pants can make me overheat. Such problems, I tell ya! They also feature a waterproof zippered pocket (a must-have!) and a higher waistband with an inner key pocket, as well as flat-lock seams to prevent chafing. I must say, I can fit my smartphone in the back waterproof pocket, which is next level as far as zippered pockets on running pants goes. It’s my favorite feature.

The Women’s Infinity Technical Tee, like the Men’s, features flatlock seams and the Silver Salt technology to prevent that awful “race tee” smell that lingers even before your run. The only color is an incredibly soft rose pink with black accents along the cap sleeves and down the back. It’s a bit see-through, so you can’t be afraid to show off your colorful bra, navel ring, tattoos…you get the idea. However, what I love about this shirt is the bonded hem. It’s advertised to prevent chafing, and perhaps that is true, but I find that the bottom doesn’t stretch out and it helps to keep the shirt in it’s proper place during a run (and, honestly, rock climbing, weight lifting, etc).

Vast Terrain clothing is made in the U.S.A., shipping is always free, and their products are sold directly to the consumer, without retail markups. Though their offerings are not yet vast, this new company should prove to make its mark on the terrain of high-quality running apparel.

Company: Vast Terrain

Products tested:

At Vast Terrain our love for sport is only equaled by our desire to build a truly American brand. We do this by taking an approach which is different than most other activewear brands. We use only the best proprietary fabrics, make our products wholly in the USA, provide transparency around the people and places that make our products, and then offer them directly to you without the retail markup.

Our performance fabrics are developed by us in partnerships with the best specialty American factories and mills. Each piece merges function and style for optimal performance whether you are in the gym or mountains. Clean lines and a tailored fit characterize each collection.

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