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Race Recap: 2018 Oregon Brewery Running Series 5k at Stormbreaker Brewing

photo credit: Oregon Brewery Running Series

Beautiful sunshine and temps in the high 40s made for a wonderful Beergarten atmosphere when I checked in at Stormbreaker Brewing for the fourth race in this year’s Brewery Running Series. I had a cup of water and some coffee, picked up my customizable bib (which I then customized using the many colored Sharpies on the bib writing table), and shortly after it was time to line up for the start line group photo and a warmup.

Stormbreaker5kThe course for all BRS runs is open, meaning that there will be traffic and runners have to obey traffic rules. The very first thing after the start of this race was to cross Mississippi Ave. Incidentally, a Trimet bus driver saw what was going on and put his bus slightly diagonally at the crosswalk to effectively stop traffic in both directions to make the start of the race a safe one. The half mile or so running up Mississippi was a little crowded on a narrow sidewalk with both participants and non-participants. By the time I turned left on Skidmore, the field had stretched out and I was running by myself. At Interstate Ave, there were volunteers on both sides of the crosswalk, pushing the button for us to request the light and also making sure that we were not running across on a red light. Near mile 1 the course turned left again to turn south onto Overlook Blvd. The houses and yards were beautiful and I enjoyed visiting an area of Portland that I hadn’t explored on foot before.

StormbreakerBeerThe beautiful views of the Fremont Bridge and downtown Portland at Overlook Park marked the half way point of the race. I backtracked the way I had come, happy for a short break at the red light crossing Interstate Ave. Mississippi Ave towards Stormbreaker is a gentle downhill, which is a beautiful way to finish. There was a one block skip to the east to finish right in front of Stormbreaker heading west on Beech St.

At the post race party I refueled with grilled cheese sandwich by Franz, some bagel chips, and water, then turned in my raffle ticket in exchange for BRS swag (another coffee mug to add the one I had chosen at Stickmen earlier this month), a beer token, and a cookie. Inside the pub I traded my token for a beer and enjoyed the sunshine in the beer garden, chatting with other participants, crossing my fingers for a win during for the raffle.

The Brewery Running Series completed its winter runs and is now on break, but will be back on April 21 with the first of the spring runs at Portland Brewing.

I’m in the blue hat. (photo credit: Oregon Brewery Running Series)


1 Comment on Race Recap: 2018 Oregon Brewery Running Series 5k at Stormbreaker Brewing

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, and how cute is that mug!!!

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