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We recently stumbled across Red Rock Running during last year’s Kickstarter campaign. Their mission to create an “all-in-one running shirt [that] incorporates premium fabric, a secure pocket for your smart phone, and reflective material for safety” was brought to life by community backing. We were recently sent a few of their shirts for review.


Reflective detail

Matt: I’m pretty much in love with the stylings of the Bryce Top. The print is super unique – a “striped” pattern that is eye-catching and discussion provoking. Add on to that the giant reflective outline of the famed Delicate Arch in Southern Utah’s Arches National Park, plastered over the side. It’s a pretty awesome look.

I also appreciate the long and tight sleeves that extend a little longer over the shoulder and triceps than other running shirts. Part of the allure of the top is the addition of a simple pocket on the sleeve – alleviating the need for a separate arm band or a belt.A second pocket on the opposite sleeve can further keep you running with less gear by providing a spot for keys, gel packs, and other small items.

I had a little bit of a challenge with the sizing. I’m a bigger runner (6’1 and most of the time 190 lbs) and generally I am able to fit into most large sizing. The Red Rock Running shirts are billed as “mild compression” I found mine to be tighter and slimmer than I anticipated. Granted, I’m about 10 pounds heftier than usual (thanks holidays!), but I currently have a challenge with feeling comfortable wearing this size too much in public at the moment. I do honestly believe that if I was in my ideal weight range (185-190), this would fit quite well, but guys may want to size up to start off – especially if you are in between sizes.


Great fitting shirt!

Geli: I got to try out the women’s version of the Bryce Running Shirt in heather black. I love this shirt! The fabric is a bit heavier than most running shirts I own (a little reminiscent of a bathing suit or rash guard), and the women’s fit seems to be more true to size than Matt’s men’s shirt. (Women’s L fits well on my 5’5″ and 170ish lbs.) The sleeves are a little longer than the cap sleeves that currently are common in women’s shirt; they go almost all the way to my elbow. The sleeve pocket is plenty big for my iPhone 5 to fit inside completely, and I’m not worried at all about it falling out. While running, the shirt feels great and is sufficiently long so that it doesn’t need any tucking or adjusting at all. The reflective accents all over the shirt and will be great for extra visibility during low light conditions. Overall an excellent shirt! I can’t wait to see what other clothing Red Rock will come up with.


Sleeve pocket to hold your phone

Abby: I too, got to test the Bryce shirt. At first I was a little concerned that the top would be too big (my opposite problem as of late). However, when I put it on it fit perfectly! I liked that it has longer sleeves so that I can actually wear it during winter runs. Regular short-sleeve tops are not enough for the cool weather right now, and sometimes long-sleeves are too much. This, Goldilocks, was just right. The pattern and thicker than average material gives good coverage and isn’t clingy nor does it shimmy up as you run, but it may be too warm come June. On the flip side, the length of the sleeves and coverage will be excellent for warding off the UV rays. The color is nice and matches well with most of my running gear and the reflective pattern is nice for low light conditions. While I don’t see myself stashing my phone in my pocket all that much (the iPhone X I own fits, but is a little bulky), I stashed my key fob and debit card in the sleeve on my run the other day. Here’s a nifty trick: if you decide to roll up your sleeves, you can flip the bottom part of the pocket down and tuck it over the fold-it will keep your sleeves from slipping down-how cool is that?!

They just recently launched their Ambassador Program, so if these look cool to you, consider applying!

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Thank you to Red Rock Running for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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