Kickin’ It in Le Chameau Rain Boots

 If you are living in the Pacific Northwest, you’re going to need good rain boots. You’re going to get wet. And muddy. And cheap boots just aren’t going to cut it for year after year of this. Enter Le Chameau, an 85 year old company that know a little something about making quality boots for every occasion. Each pair is completely unique, handmade by a single master bootmaker, so if it’s quality you desire, you’ll find it at Le Chameau.

There are several styles and different linings to choose from, and  I was fortunate enough to get to review the Chasseur style, which is a zip Chamolux rubber boot lined with premium leather. There is Kevlar reinforcement on the front for extra protection, and waterproof Riri Aquazip and an adjustable strap for fastening. The boots are specially designed for a women’s feet and legs and the all-terrain outsole has a reinforced shank for better arch support.

I am outside a lot, as I have two active boys who would live outside if I let them. We are out exploring the woods a lot, and I also spend a decent amount of time volunteering outside at my youngest son’s preschool .. Rain or shine! I needed something better than the uncomfortable rubber boots in the closet that always left my toes cold.

First, let me give you the scoop on the construction of the boots. Because I’m a runner, I suffer from a problem that I suppose a lot of runners have, which is large calves. Not all boots fit comfortably as a result. This is not a problem with the Le Chameau boots, as they have plenty of room. I can tuck all my pants inside, even the ones that aren’t “skinny jeans,” and the waterproof full-length zippers come up effortlessly. The design is sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap in any way. They are also very easy to get on and off.

Second, I’ll offer you some feedback on how the boots feel, because this is obviously the most important aspect of boots. Le Chameau boots are very comfortable, with built-in anti-fatigue arch support and quality quick-drying removable leather insoles. The full-grain leather lining of the boots is supplied by French and Italian tanneries, and they are treated to resist dampness. I have logged a lot of time walking around in them and my feet have felt great. Also, they are very warm and cozy. I wore them on a few rainy days and my feet stayed dry and happy.  

And lastly, as to my opinion on the aesthetics of the boots, they look sharp too. Looks are the last thing I usually care about in rain boots, but these are stylish, so that can’t hurt! The color I got is a rich dark brown and from far away, you wouldn’t even know they are rain boots.

My only complaint in regards to the design of the boots is that when I sit down wearing them and want to cross my legs, the button snap on the side is a bit irritating, as it’s location digs into my leg a bit. However, I have short legs and these boots are on the tall side, so the way they fit me is not how they would fit everyone. Also, these boots are meant for trudging through the rain and mud, not for sitting around in.

The bottom line on the Le Chameau boots is that when you buy a pair, you are investing in quality. These boots will still be around long after my boys don’t need me for their exploration field trips outside. Many of the cheap boots I’ve had only last about a season, as the lining starts to separate from the boot or they break down quickly. If you buy a pair of Le Chameau boots, they will likely be the only ones you will ever need, even here in rainy Oregon.

Company: Le Chameau  (Find them on Facebook)

Products & Price: Women’s Chasseur Leather Lined Boots ($489) – Available on Amazon also.

  • See website for additional options and styles for both men and women.

Specs (from website):

  • Upper: 100% Chamolux Rubber
  • Lining: Premium Leather
  • Sole: Cross
  • Height (CM): 36.5 – 40
  • Calf (CM): 38
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Environment: Game Shooting
  • Season: Year Round (Up to -5°C)

More about Le Chameau:

Le Chameau are the only rubber boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker, each pair is unique. Using the highest quality materials and with a range of iconic and innovative styles, Le Chameau Maîtres Bottiers have been making our boots by hand for over 85 years. Our processes are a unique combination of traditional skills, passed from generation to generation, and technical innovation which has kept us at the forefront of our craft. Over time technology, flair and craftsmanship have created collections for all occasions – for town and country.  Discerning men and women all over the world are devotees of Le Chameau boots.




Thank you to Le Chameau for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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