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Some of us runners like to carry as little as we can while we run. The problem is that sometimes it’s necessary, especially on the longer journeys. Suddenly you need a place for water, keys, electrolytes in some form, and whatever else you can’t live without. A good running band is really helpful, and one called the Naked Running Band is even better. Because, let’s face it, what’s more comfortable than being naked?

The Naked running band has a lot of functions as well as a  thought out blueprint for a runner’s route, yet it’s surprisingly simple in it’s design. The power mesh material is breathable and lightweight (only 2.3 oz!) with 3 large individual pockets surrounding the perimeter of your waist. Due to the size and flexibility of the pockets, the band can hold a variety of different sized hydration flasks, not to mention the ever-growing size of phones these days. Many other options will fit in this super stretchy band as well, such as sunglasses, energy gels, a headlamp, keys, even a banana! There are also two silicone backed elastic straps to carry a rain shell or a trekking pole, a key hook for your fob, and built-in shock cord attachments for your race bib. The material is quick-drying mesh fabric and there are no belts or buckles to weigh it down or make you chafe. Unlike many bands, it’s not adjustable and this is why it comes in 12 different sizes (28” to 39”) so you can find the perfect one for your body.

The co-founders – two brothers – one a mountain runner and the other a triathlete, searched without success for a product that had the capacity, flexibility, comfort and performance they needed; having tried everything else out there without luck, they realized they had to do it themselves. Lindsay, an accomplished athlete and brilliant designer created the Naked® running band and, together with Rick, a stubborn age group Ironman and veteran entrepreneur, said let’s do this!

Nikki’s Thoughts: When I slipped the running band on for the very first time, it felt a little tight, but that was what I’d hoped for. I don’t want to have to constantly pull a belt up on a run, plus I knew it might “relax” over time. I went on a 4 mile run and only wore my phone in the front pocket, but I was in a bit of a hurry and I didn’t give myself enough time to adjust it properly. During the run, I was fiddling with it a bit and I felt like it was riding up ever so slightly a few times. I also found the pockets a little difficult to get in and out of while wearing gloves.

However, a few days later, I wore the running band on a 13 miler and I spent the extra couple of minutes to get it placed right where I like it before I headed out the door. Every runner has a different preference .. Some like a band on the smallest part of their waist, some like them low on their hips, and some like them somewhere in between. This is an important consideration when ordering the Naked Running Band, as you will want to measure your waist/hips where you will want it to stay for the duration of your run. With 12 sizes, there is a lot of variation. Fortunately, I’ve been running a long time and I knew where I wanted my band to rest, so I ordered correctly. I put two energy gels and my phone in the pockets on the 13 mile run and found the perfect “sweet spot” on my hips. It didn’t budge for the entire 13 miles and nothing inside got jostled around, even my huge phone which I generally hate wearing when I run. I forgot completely about the energy gels, which is unfortunate for my running partner who I’d brought one for. The band never got hot or itchy. Even though I noticed the running band when I put it on, I forget I had it on when I started running, so the “naked” claim held up. As for those pockets, they take a bit of getting used to, but I love that when you put something inside, they stay there. It takes a bit of effort to get stuff out, but that certainly beats the alternative on a run. Have you ever lost a car key out on a trail? Well, hopefully you won’t have to.

I am training for a marathon in April, and the Naked Running Band will for sure be a part of my training uniform. I can fit any of my hydration flasks inside as well as the gloves, hats, keys, and other random items that I’ll need depending on the duration and weather conditions.

Mindy’s Thoughts: This was my first time wearing a running band. I am no stranger to running long distances, but always seem to find a spare pocket to carry my phone, or a shoelace to tie my keys to. When it comes to running, I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to accessories. That being said, this running band by Naked is a total game changer. No more are the days of trying to find a pocket for my belongings.

When I put on the band for the first time, it was on the looser side. I went for a 5 mile run and was messing with the band for the majority of the time. It did not stay in the same spot, kept riding up and was not comfortable. I knew I had the wrong size. I contacted Naked Sports Innovations and told them I may need a smaller size. They immediately sent me a smaller size. They are so responsive and the exchange for a new size was so hassle free. (Why can’t all companies be this way?). When I tried on the new band, it was apparent that this is what a running band should feel like. It was tight, but very comfortable once on. Honestly, I could not even feel it when I went for my next run. There is so much space in the band. I put my cell phone, gloves, running gel and my wad of keys. On my run, I forgot I was even carrying that load.

The Naked Running Band has dramatically changed what I bring on my runs. I am currently training for a marathon and have found that I am now able to carry water, gels, gloves, keys, phone and whatever else I need on my longer runs. I highly reccomend the Naked Running Band by Naked Sports Innovation.

Company: Naked Sports Innovations  (Find them on Facebook)

Products & Price: Naked Running Band ($45.99)


  • 2+ liter capacity
  • Breathable, versatile and lightweight (2.3 oz)
  • Quick drying power mesh fabric, non chafing, bounce resistant
  • 3 individual compartments completely surround your torso and open easily with pull tabs
  • Securely holds multiple brands and sizes of hydration flasks
  • Can hold any model of smart phone including iPhone 6+, Blackberry Passport and Samsung Note
  • Securely holds other stuff, including energy gels, fuel bars, sunglasses, headlamp, gloves, hat .. even a banana!
  • Elastic silicone grip loops in the back for rain shells and trekking poles
  • Reflective safety elements
  • Comes in a range of 12 unisex sizes for a precise fit
  • Secure race number attachments
  • Includes a micro clip to hold expensive key fobs



Thank you to Naked Sports Innovations for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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