Race Preview: 2018 Roaring Run at Roaring River (Scio)

One of the best parts of living in Oregon is the beauty of the rural areas. Lots of green foliage, beautiful skies, and fresh air. All of these aspects make running more enjoyable and the Roaring Run near Scio, Oregon is a great place to enjoy it. The Roaring River County Park is the location for this event, comprised of a 5k, 10k, and half marathon on February 3rd.

All of the race courses take place on low traffic country roads. There is an early start option for the half marathon for participants that will be taking 2.5 hours or longer. Registration for all events is currently open at this link. Using the Run Sign Up site will incur a $3 fee, and the registration charges are as follows.The 5K is $30, the 10K $35 and the half, $45. It closes on February 1st at midnight.

As mentioned above, the events start at Roaring River County Park, just outside of Scio. The early start for the half is at 8:30, with the regular start following 30 minutes after. The 10K starts at 9:30, and the 5K is last at 10 am. The later start times should make it a little easier to get to Scio, which is a bit out of the way for most people.

Personally, I competed here a few years ago. I believe it was in the 10K, and my most prominent memory was crossing a covered bridge on the race course, which is a unique experience. This year I am going to toe the line for a half, hoping for a relaxing long run that may evolve into a race if I feel good.

Roaring Runs Race Details

  • Date: Saturday February 3rd, 2018

Time: Early Half Marathon at 8:30, with the half, 10K and 5K following in 30 minute intervals

Location: Roaring Rivers County Park

Entry fee: Half ($45), 10K ($35), 5K ($30) Online here

Race Website: Click here

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  1. Absolutely beautiful country!

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