Fast Guy Problems: The mane event

Some days, we just need a figurative kick in the pants to really find the limits. Other times, those limits are found through a bit of fun. I’m tapping a little bit of each of those to kick off 2018. After setting two personal bests last year, I wanted to have a milestone to celebrate the next one. It’s generally part of my pre race routine to cut my hair the night before pinning on a number. I have decided that I am not going to cut my hair until I set a new PR.

For some people, that is a minor undertaking. However, I prefer my hair quite short and enjoy having it buzzed for race day. Seeing as I used to race at least every other weekend, it is no surprise that many people think I am military due to my continuously maintained hair cut.

That is basically the only rule I am placing on this, so I can set a best at any distance. Other than my track workouts, it’s not likely that I would succeed at this in anything more than a mile without racing. I have set numerous bests at weekly time trials within the last couple years while training and would be happy to take any of those down a notch.

So if you happen to see me at a race this spring with conspicuously longer hair than I usually sport, know that I have not yet met my goal. I’m hoping to load up my winter and spring racing calendar this year to really build the competitive edge. I’ve copied the list of my bests. Anyone have a guess as to which one will fall first?

  • 400m 58.6 McMinnville 2000
  • 800m 2:10 McMinnville 2011
  • 1500m 4:21 McMinnville 2010
  • 1600m (mile) 4:47 McMinnville 2011
  • 3K……9:49 McMinnville 2011
  • 5K 15:33 Tigard 2015
  • 8K…27:43 Portland 2017
  • 10K…34:08 Portland 2014
  • 15K ….53:28 Zena 2016
  • 20K….1:18:24 Champoeg 2015
  • 13.1 mi 1:12.33 Columbia Gorge 2015
  • 25K….1:57:38 Hagg Lake 2017
  • 30K…2:04:26 Champoeg 2015
  • 20 miles.2:02:52 Eugene 2015
  • 26.2 mi 2:47:02 Eugene 2015
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