A Few of our Favorite Things: 2017 Edition (version 2)

Here at Run Oregon we get the opportunity to try out a variety of running related items. We thought we’d share some of our favorites with you to help you with your Christmas shopping or Christmas list creating.

Drew: This past year has seen the discovery of some sweet new (to me) running trails throughout the state. As a (psycho) trail runner, having the right shoes is kind of a big deal and back in April I was privileged to try a pair from Altra called the King MT (read the preview). In a world where there are literally thousands of trail shoe options to choose from, the King MT trails shoes are hands down (feet down?) the best and most trail worthy shoe I have run in (in my humble opinion). The tread is super agressive, shedding mud, water, snow, rocks and anything you run over. Because of the roomy toe-box design of all Altra shoes, the fit is very comfortable, especially on long runs. My first pair made it through 418 miles before being retired. My second pair is nearing 200 and I already have my eyes on another pair.

Nikki: If you ever run in the dark, Run Lites are a game changer. Running in the dark is not my preference, but sometimes it’s necessary. I also do the Hood To Coast relay every year, which means each runner will have at least one leg of the race in the dark. I have a great headlamp that I paid good money for, but since discovering Run Lites, I’ve retired it. Run Lites are very lightweight but bright rechargeable LED lights that fit easily inside gloves, which you can also buy on their website. There are fingerless gloves as well as heavy-duty winter gloves, and I’ve worn both. The lights shine on the ground to highlight where you are going and you don’t have the awkward and heavy bounce of the headlamp to worry about. Even when it gets lighter and I can turn the lights off, I can leave the gloves on because they are so light that they don’t bother me in the least. I’ve taken these on winter runs at Leif Erikson as well as those relays that occur in the dark. And all those early morning runs afford me the opportunity to see where I’m going and, more importantly, allow cars to see me as well.

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