Find a Long Run and Running Group: (CORK) Central Oregon Running Klub Sun Runners (Bend)

We are lucky in Oregon, where there are many local running clubs from Ashland to Portland and everywhere in between. We’re also lucky in that there are people out there who put on free group runs, help with races, and support youth and other cause running and racing programs. Central Oregon Running Klub is one of these clubs.

The Central Oregon Running Klub’s mission is to promote health and fitness through running and to provide an inclusive culture that strengthens the local running community through the support of key community running events, integration with community businesses, and providing running centric activities for youth through masters runners. Since 1980, CORK has been involved in race promotion, trail maintenance, weekly running groups, and coaching our youth to become State Champions and lifelong runners.

This past summer, CORK offered weekly Thursday evening races at a variety of locations. They also put on fun, low-key and inexpensive cross-country style races in October that were each 5-8k is length! They call their winter runs” Hot Chocolate Runs, which meet at 9am at Shevlin Park in Bend on November 12thDecember 10thJanuary 14th, and February 11th. Make sure you visit their Facebook Page for all the up-to-date information.

Also browse their Weekly Runs, which features an awesome Google Calendar with dates and times for their weekly runs:

  • Tuesday Performance Group @ 530p
  • Wednesday Run @ 12p
  • Wednesday Hump Day Run @ 6p
  • Thursday Mom’s Group @ 930a
  • Thursday Weekly Run @ 530p

We will likely feature the Redmond Oregon Running Klub in a future installment, but they offer Saturday morning Group Runs as well.

There are lots of Membership Benefits if you are moving into the area and only run around $20/year ($25 per couple)!


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