Portland Marathon Clinic run for Saturday, August 9, 2014

PMTC-logoThis week’s run is an important one: 20 miles (for everyone) on the Portland Marathon course. You will get a chance to run on much of the course, using sidewalks and obeying traffic signals, of course – but it’s a chance to identify your landmarks of where you should be at an hour, two hours; or what mile four looks like. To join in, head to (near) the Marathon start area at SW 4th and Salmon and be ready to go at 8a. Remember – ALL are invited, whether or not you are running Portland.

You may have noticed we are now counting DOWN instead of UP when it comes to how many runs are left. (Eight, if you’re keeping track.) At this point in your training, it’s likely you are feeling good and thinking about pushing your pace or revising your goals. Please, please, please talk with your pace group leader or PMC leaders Patti and Warren Finke before you do this, especially if you are a first-timer. Getting to the finish line uninjured is the #1 priority!


The #2 priority … well, it involves #2. In terms of where it fits in your race plan. You should be fine-tuning your long run ritual. This includes what you eat before the long run (and what you will eat on race day) – even how much coffee you need to, er, get things moving for a day of only quick porta-potty stops.

Sorry – too much info? Well, sometimes running isn’t pretty!

In all seriousness, talk with other runners and your pace leaders about nutrition and hydration on the course, and don’t forget to ask about electrolyte caps. These are tablets that have a mixture of electrolytes and much-needed sodium, and for many runners, they aid in water absorption. In other words, they can help your muscles stay hydrated, which leads to fewer cramps and less bloating. You know, post-run sausage fingers.

Back to this week’s run. I recommend parking in one of the two Smart Park garages off SW 4th and hitting Starbucks for the restroom. Most downtown Starbucks locations (and other coffee shops, for that matter) have a locked bathroom, so get the code from the barista and then be sure to thank them again when you stop by for your post-run treat.

Here’s the rest of the schedule:

All runs are on Saturdays and start promptly at 8a, so be there by 7:45 at the very latest for instructions and to use the restroom before you start.  Click on the location for a Google map showing you where to go. For directions, click on “Get Directions” and enter your starting address.

August 9, 2014: 20 miles on the Marathon Course starting at SW 4th and Main in Portland

August 16, 2014: 16 miles from Lululemon Pearl in Portland

August 23, 2014: 20 miles from Mountain Hardwear in Portland

August 30, 2014: 16 miles from Road Runner Sports in Tualatin

September 6, 2014: 20 miles – Park at Willamette Park in Portland, the running route is top secret! This is the Brunch Run, which requires a ticket because runners are bused to a secret location and then served a delicious brunch after the run. If you plan to participate, don’t wait to buy your $10 ticket once they’re available in August. This sells out every year; and we’re not just saying that … it’s a hot ticket!

September 13, 2014: 16 or 20 miles from Lululemon Pearl in Portland

September 20, 2014: 16 miles from Road Runner Sports in Tualatin

September 27, 2014: 8 miles from Lululemon Bridgeport in Tigard


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