Lighten your Load with the MochiThings Light Planner

I have two small children and own a business, with that being said, life is generally chaos.  It is hard to keep organized of what is happening from day-to-day with sports schedules, preschool schedules, work, and more.  That is why I need and religiously use planners in my life.  However, I have found that it is hard to find a planner that fits all my needs.

img_0683I am a procrastinator and so, when I finally get around to getting a new planner, it is well passed January 1st.  By that, I mean it is approaching May or June.  I had the opportunity to test out the MochiThings planner and that is the first thing that stood out to me.  It started in October 2017 and didn’t just end in January, but went the full rest of 2018.  This for some reason calmed my anxiety about having to shove everything into the rest of 2017.  It allowed me to plan beyond that without having to have two planners for the next year and a half.

The other thing I typically have a problem with in the planners I buy, is there is no space to write.  I need room to sprawl out ideas, class plans, event ideas, and whatever other crazy business things pop in my head.  Typically, in the past, my planners have offered a small inch by inch square where I can shove in a couple of words.  The MochiThings planner has tons of pages in the back for all my scribbles and planning.  I have used this area as I fill out the calendar and an idea or workout plan will come to me.  I can easily flip to the back of the planner and jot it down and return right back to calendaring.  Because I am easily, distracted, like my toddlers, this works wonders for me.

img_0685-2Planners are generally thick and somewhat bulky or extra teeny tiny in my experience.  The MochiThings planner was the perfect size.  It has a soft textured cover that was bendable yet durable.  Durable is key in my household as someone (the younger toddler) tends to eat everything, including books and planners.  On trips it easy to pack, doesn’t take up much room and allows me to effectively and precisely plan out my life.

I love my MochiThings planner and thankful to have found a planner that finally can fit with my life!

Company: MochiThings

Price: $23.95


  • Dimensions:5.35 (L) x 7.65 (W) 0.5 (H) in
  • Weight: 9.59 oz
  • Materials: PVC, Paper

More About MochiThings:

We are MochiThings and we are headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. We offer the cutest, the most unique, and the most functional products. We are primarily an online stationery store but we have recently expanded our selection in many more areas in which you can discover everything here. Everything we have available in our selection is available to ship worldwide too!

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