What Run Oregon is Trying: The Chawel Sport Hybrid Towel

I was excited to test out the Chawel, it seemed pretty versatile and I love to find new products that make my life easier. When they arrived, my husband mocked the logo and advertising. The Chawel notes that it can be a changing area, a towel to dry off with or spread out on the beach, or a pillow, so many options and possible uses. I will admit, I giggled at times while using the Chawel, but it most definitely is a product that has made my life easier.

Over the summer, I kept one in my car and we used it to dry off if we waded in the river. I also draped it across the seats of my car, to protect them from messy boys fresh off the trail. My dad had a bad accident on the river and I used it to prop his head up and keep him comfortable until paramedics arrived. All of those prove that it’s not just another product that takes up space, but is practical for busy families, but the best use was the changing station it creates.

I was a muddy mess after an obstacle course and had to change out of my clothes for the three -hour car ride. They had changing tents at the event, but it was a hike to go back to the car and get my stuff, plus I was freezing cold. I pulled out the Chawel and was able to completely change my clothes without embarrassing myself. I might not go that far, I looked pretty funny doing it and couldn’t stop laughing during the process, but it was convenient and I didn’t flash anyone while changing into clean clothes.

It’s big enough for your whole body to change underneath with a hole for your head. You can turtle into it and change or keep your head out, your choice.

The material is super lightweight and dries fast, making them perfect to pack along for just about anything. So there advertising is correct. Toss them in the washer dryer and they are ready to go the next round.

These would be perfect for backpackers, a lightweight, versatile towel that can also be used as a pillow. A Chawel would be great for triathlons, if you’re looking for a little more modesty in the transition areas. It would also be perfect for relays. Runners could dry off with them, use them to change with teammates around and roll it up for a pillow to rest in between legs.

I was excited to test it out, but even more so after the testing. My husband even came around and agrees they are pretty dang convenient. A simple concept, I wish I had thought of it.


Product: The Chawel Sport Hybrid XL

Cost: $34.95

“If you’re looking for a travel towel, Chawels innovative design will be useful on every part of your next trip. Not only is Chawel absorbent and quick drying, but it also functions as a travel pillow or a blanket on the plane, also a convenient light-weight sleeping bag while camping or hosteling, and a changing room when you need a quick change in public. A perfect balance between weight, portability and performance.”

Thank you to Chawel for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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