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OK. So I (Matt) will be the first to admit that I was more intrigued at the thought of trying this just to say I did, than I was anticipating I would like them. For the most part, I am more than willing to try new things – taste tests don’t scare me. If there’s something cool on a menu, I generally want to give it a shot (this backfired a few years back with the “Great Balls of Fire” at Salvador Molly’s in Portland that left me in a state that I couldn’t drive home). When BRU Broth contacted us regarding their Bone Broth Beverages, I knew I was up for the challenge. Kelly decided to join me in this venture as well.

Matt: In reality, drinking broth really isn’t all that “out there”, especially not to ultrarunners. Many will drink soup or broth to replenish their fluids (with some added salt). As I am not an ultrarunner, I am assuming that getting that needed sodium in a more easily simple digestible form (than say pretzels or chips), is an added benefit. Outside Online did a story a few years ago on “The Athlete’s Guide to Bone Broth Soup”, so it’s not as if BRU Broth is doing something totally out of the ordinary.

BRU Broth comes in 6 flavors (see below), with a base of either Chicken or Beef broth. Each bottle is also completely made up of organic flavors and flavor additions (i.e root juices and spices). The claim is that bone broth is good for joint and gut health, metabolism, and your immune system (amongst other things). A bottle is about 120 calories and is meant to be heated and sipped (as opposed to guzzled – though I suppose you could do that too, if you wanted).

I tried my hand at a BRU Broth reset, which is essentially like a “cleanse” though BRU Broth says it goes beyond that as it combines their bone broth with their cold-pressed juices and spices. Here is what I tried out:

  • Breakfast (1 bottle with 2-3 tsp of coconut oil)
  • Lunch (1 bottle)
  • Afternoon snack (1 bottle)
  • Dinner (4 ounces of lean protein, 2 servings of vegetables, and 1 serving of berries)

Even though drinking chicken and beef broth doesn’t sound like the most exciting stuff to fill yourself with, the flavors are actually pretty good. Even with broth and cold pressed juice, the flavors weren’t overpowering (which is what I was afraid of). You definitely get the flavor profiles, but you are eased into them instead of being smashed over the head with them. In a nutshell, it tastes better than it looks.

They are shipped in a temperature controlled box and arrive in 1-2 days of ordering, meaning you won’t have to wait around when you are in need of stocking up.

Overall, I was impressed with BRU Broth. It’s a definite investment, but anyone looking to give themselves a little cleanse or ease into the broth lifestyle, this may be a good place to start.


Company: BRU Broth (Facebook)

Products & Price:

Price: (discounts if utilizing subscription):

  • Sample 6-pack for $69
  • 3-Day Reset pack (9 bottles) for $89
  • 5-Day Reset pack (15 bottles) for $119
  • 7-Day Reset pack (21 bottles) for $169

More about BRU Broth:

One cold Northern California morning, co-founder Soo-Ah, an avid juicer, found it hard to stomach an ice cold juice, and sought a warm yet highly nutritious beverage that could carry her between martial arts workouts. Nothing really existed besides herbal teas and anemic stocks out of aluminum cans and Tetra Paks. Soo-Ah began formulating homemade bone broths with co-founder Mary, an avid skier and trail runner recovering from arthroscopic surgery. They added highly nutritious superfoods and other natural nutritionals to create an easily digestible, nutrient and protein-rich beverage that could be consumed warm.

Bone broth typically requires long hours and sometimes days of simmering to ensure every ounce of goodness is extracted. At BRU, we do all the hard work, and add carefully selected all natural superfood ingredients to deliver a sippably delicious bone broth that combines all of the nutrition of bone broth with the vitamins of fresh vegetable and root juices. We source pastured, organic chicken and grass-fed beef bones from local farmers that are committed to sustainable farming practices.

Bone broth contains easily digestible gelatin (a gut mending protein), collagen, and healing amino acids and minerals such as glucosamine, proline, glycine, and arginine. The nutrients in bone broth have been coveted and consumed by traditional cultures for hundreds of years. BRU was born with the mission to share these benefits with the modern world, one warm mug at a time.

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.


Thank you to BRU Broth for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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