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Over the past few months we have had the opportunity to try out some different items from PRISMSPORT’s catalog. In September of 2016, Annette tried out some capris, leggings, and a shirt, and in January of this year she also tried out some pants and headwear from their “Heather Collection”. This go around, we have a few of our bloggers sampling some tops as we start moving into the warmer months.


A PRISMSPORT favorite– the X-Back Top has wide straps for maximum range of motion and a built-in bra for moderate support. Princess seams and laser side insets make this top flattering on all shapes.

The X-Back Top is a very nice looking basic top. It has a built-in bra for low to medium impact sports, which worked well for me on the elliptical, but for running I would want to add a more supportive sports bra underneath. The top is a bit longer than some, ending on the hips, which helps it stay in place without riding up during exercise. The fabric feels nice, and it has a flattering fit. I can’t wait to wear it outside during the summer.

Kelly: I’m always on the lookout for a white zip-up, because they go with practically everything, and they stand out among the sea of black. White looks good on most people because it’s so bright, and if you get one in the right material you can wear it to work or someplace you might not normally wear a tech zip-up. So I tried out the Laser Training Jacket in White.

Disclosure: I only wore it once for running, but for a selfish reason. I like the look of it too much to risk it developing that “tech clothes funk.” Instead, I save it to wear after runs when I have to run errands, and have worn it to work, while traveling, and even at a trade show where the convention center A/C was a little out of control. I got a size Large and compared to your average size Large I felt it ran a little big. My favorite feature is that the pockets have a horizontal entry point, so you’re less likely to lose things falling out the pockets as you move or pull something else out. The pockets also zip – wonderful for traveling. In addition to the front pockets (one on each side), there is a zippered pocket on the lower back which is nice for cycling.

Prism-laser-training-jacket-whiteThe material is medium-weight and very supple. I didn’t like running with my phone in the pocket because it bounced, but it was fine when I was just wearing this jacket when not on the run. There are features of mesh fabric on the wrists and flanks, and the sleeves seemed extra-long to me which was nice because they didn’t pull when I used the thumbholes (or monkey paws, as I call them).

The length of the jacket is quite nice too. It’s flared slightly at the hips just to make it fit more comfortably, but it stays put and doesn’t ride up around the waist. My only complaint is that the jacket doesn’t have a hang-loop; you know, that little strip of fabric at the back of the neck from which you can hang the jacket from a hook. So you need to hang it on a hanger or you’ll get the little bump right in the back of the neck.

If a group was looking for a sharp-looking high-quality jacket without manufacturer branding all over it to screen or embroider their own logo, this would be an excellent choice. I know the price tag of $128 might seem a little high, but I expect this jacket to last a long time.

Abby: My initial impression of the Candy Stripe 7/8 legging was that they were the perfect length (not too long to hit your ankles and get in the way of your socks). I’m a tall lady so I appreciate having a little bit of a gap between the ankle and foot. I love the mesh cutouts on the calves, as it adds just the right amount of sexy and trendiness to often very boring black leggings. I counted and I own about 7 pairs of black leggings / capris. I own one pair of running shorts and you will only find me wearing them if it’s over 85 degrees outside. The material the legging is made of is thin and soft but opaque enough that you won’t have the dreaded “sheer butt” when you bend over or stretch. Now to the actual performance of the leggings: My first test was just a short 2 mile run around my neighborhood and they were great! The spandex gave the leggings just the right of stretch to move comfortably, and the waist band wasn’t too tight to dig in an dig in and cause a “muffin top.”  I wore them to meet a friend for coffee and she commented on how cute they were. However, on the second wear things started to go downhill…pun intended.

During the second test I was disappointed, oh so very disappointed. While leggings didn’t ride up or give me the dreaded “toe” I found the exact opposite to happen: they started to slide down as I ran. I found myself hiking them back up every ¼ of a mile or so. I was so bummed! Luckily I was wearing a long sleeved shirt on top of my tank, so I was able to take it off and tie it around my waist. When I got home I took them off and washed them in cold water and hung them to dry, hoping that maybe they just needed a little break from the first two wears. No such luck. The last (and final) run I wore them on, the crotch kept getting longer and I felt like I was running in a soggy diaper. Not a cute look nor comfortable one. Unfortunately, these leggings will only be worn around the home or perhaps under a long sweater next fall, but definitely when I’m not super active.



  • X-Back Top ($74)
    • Mesh: 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex
    • Solid: 88% Polyester Driflex / 12% Spandex.

More about PRISMSPORT:

Why Prism? We wanted to change things up. We wanted patterned activewear that mixed fashion, performance, flexibility + smart manufacturing. The difference is in our details.

PRISMSPORT was launched in 2013 by Emily Vitale and Lori Florio. Tired of dark shades — boring colors + uninspired combinations, we didn’t want to just look good exercising, we wanted our activewear to perform well, too. We began with a single pattern and our fresh take on performance wear was an instant hit. PRISMSPORT is now a full range of women’s workout clothes that let you workout + walk out in prints + solid styles that reference trends, but are never trendy. All prints pass the all-important PRISMSPORT thigh test: every pattern must flatter. Today, we sweat, live + laugh in print — we #LIVEINPRISM.

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.

Thank you to PRISMSPORT for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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