Race Preview: 2017 Pacific Northwest Marathon

Eugene is a runners mecca of sorts, for several reasons. Capitalizing on this ideal is the Pacific Northwest Marathon, offering a 5K, half and full marathon.  It’s scheduled for May 13th, which in my opinion falls in generally prime racing weather for our region. Combine that with a course that is advertised as very flat and a certified Boston Qualifier, you have a recipe for an event with some true speed potential. On the other side of the spectrum, they welcome walkers and offer full support for all participants under the 16 minute mile pace.

Registration is currently open and quite reasonable. If you beat the next price hike (19 days to go), the full is merely $95, the half $65 and the 5K, $20. Considering the rocketing prices of entries these days, that is quite the bargain. Entry costs cover the race itself, a shirt and medal, as well as a meal after the event.

Pacers will be present in both the half and full, for those who like to utilize them. Both courses are an out and back, with 11 aid stations. The full marathon follows the river, which should help provide cooler temperatures if it happens to be a warm day. To give a little boost to the speedier runners, breaking the previous years gender records will net you a cool $100.

It’s a little late to squeeze in a full marathon plan before May 13th, but if you are already doing the mileage and just need a goal, this might just fit the bill. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a fast 5K or half either. With a plethora of choices, this race with a view and an eye for a little bit of ‘flat and fast’ fun looks better than most!

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