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What Run Oregon is Wearing: ShoeCue

When I first saw ShoeCue, I was immediately intrigued.  How would it step up to the challenge of a recreational runner (or part time couch potato) with years of bad form and terrible posture?

How it works:

  • Your body relies on environmental feedback from the ground to optimize your movement. This is why the soles of your feet are so sensitive.
  • Cushioned shoes block the feedback from reaching your feet. This encourages sub-optimal movement technique which affects performance and can lead to injury.
  • The ShoeCue insole’s gentle textured design restores the important feedback to your feet, while allowing you to wear your favorite shoe

The ShoeCue insole uses a patent-pending, textured, and thermoplastic heel-plate that reconnects your feet to the ground. By waking up the soles of your feet and restoring their connection to your brain, you improve your understanding of how you’re connected to the world. By closing this neural loop, you gain improved self-awareness and sensory abilities, and as a result, enhanced coordination and movement.

Let me jump right in and say I have a mean heel-strike.  When running relays, my teammates have called me “monster stomper” due to my characteristic and unmistakable heel strike.  It seems as of late that I finish a run with aching heels and pained hips more than I’d like.  I attribute these injuries with heel striking and despite investing in sessions with a running coach, numerous physical therapy visits because of injury, and working with being mindful of my foot placement, it is a hard habit to let go.

It’s interesting to me how quickly the insole does exactly what ShoeCue said it would.  The bumpy nodules on the heel plate give the reminder my brain needs but can’t remember as the miles and fatigue add up.  Not uncomfortable or painful, the bumpy plate sends the message to my brain right away what my foot mechanics are and what I need to change.  ShoeCue will quickly correct what fatigue and forgetfulness has in the past let slip by.  The plastic nodules don’t hurt, but don’t “hide” either.  You know they are there and because of this, it has helped me think about what abuse I do put on my heels.  Relying on sensory, it is recommended to change the thickness of socks to adjust the amount of sensation will be felt.  To wear no socks at all would, of course, offer the most possible sensation, sending an immediate message to the brain where the foot (heel) is landing.    I hope that given enough time with the insoles, my muscles and brain will both be retrained and this habit extinguished.

ShoeCue is currently available for $34.99 and a 30 day risk-free trail.  Wear them for a month, and if you aren’t satisfied, return them for a full refund.



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Robin grew up as a couch potato and did everything she could to get out of exercise, until one day a good friend would not stop talking about this fun 5k race she was doing. Finally Robin got off the couch and trained for this "fun" race using C25K (couch to 5k program). After crossing that first finish line, she kept going and became a "runner". After losing 80 lbs, gaining health, a love of being active and setting a healthy example for her husband and kids, she thinks she'll stick with this whole "running thing".

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