What Run Oregon is Trying: Underwater Audio Waterproof Earbuds

I am not a big fan of lap swimming. To say it’s boring is an understatement.  But, if you want to do triathlons, it’s a necessity. When I run, I am almost never without my iPod. Music can help me set a pace, energize me, and just help me disassociate. Fortunately,  Underwater Audio has helped me bring that to the pool. They have figured out a way to waterproof an iPod shuffle and have even come up with headphones that provide clear sound while you swim. No more boring lap swims staring just staring at the line and occasional band-aid at the bottom of the pool.

The 2GB iPod is not the fanciest of iPods (its 4th generation), but heck, it can go completely underwater. The iPod is small, so there is no drag and you barely notice it. There is a built-in clip on the Shuffle, so it easily attaches to a swimsuit, swim cap or goggles. I attached mine to my goggle strap behind my head to keep it out of my way, and it was easy to tuck away the cord to the Swimbuds Sport headphones that came with the Shuffle. The cord for the earphones is intentionally kept short, but can be extended. This kept the Shuffle and the earphones out of my way and there was no interference with my stroke whatsoever.

The sound was great. I had to stop and adjust the volume once, but only because I was not familiar enough with the controls to do it by feel. The Swimbuds Sport headphones are similar to an earbud type of headphones, but fit a little tighter into the ear canal. Some people may find that a strange feeling, but you get used to it. The Swimbuds Sport headphones come with a few different types of earbuds, so you can figure out which ones work best for you. I was a little worried that the Swimbuds might pop out when I did a flip turn, but they stayed in tight.

This type of Shuffle doesn’t give you the option of selecting from a bunch of playlists, however, it is pretty easy to put together your music and load it onto the Shuffle with iTunes. The Shuffle holds 2 GB of music, so you can load a couple of hours of your favorite workout music. It takes a little more planning to put your music on this iPod, but it can be done pretty easily with iTunes and it’s totally worth it.

This iPod is also a great option for runners in rainy Oregon. I have lost iPods to water damage just from really wet runs. I have put my other iPod in ziplock bags when running in the rain and tucked them in my sports bra or a pocket, but this one, I can keep out and easily accessible in even the heaviest of downpours. So if you are a diehard who runs regardless of heavy bouts of liquid sunshine, this iPod might be perfect for you. I was super impressed with the battery length too, maybe because it doesn’t have a fancy screen that wastes energy. You have to guess how much battery life it has and hope for the best, since it doesn’t show like a smartphone or fancier iPod, but I was pleasantly surprised with how long it lasted.

You can find a couple different packages and accessories from Underwater Audio. The basic package, including the waterproofed iPod Shuffle and Swimbuds Sport headphones will run you about $140.00. If you do a lot of lap swimming, and find it boring like everyone, the price is well worth it to bring energy to your swim. If you’ve also lost a few iPods to the running in the wet stuff, you might want to look into this combination the next time you’re in the market. Music helps motivate and these are definitely worth every penny.


Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Bundle

  • 2 GB fully waterproofed 4th Generation Apple iPod Shuffle
  • Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

Cost: $139.99


  • Exclusive Swimbuds headphones designed for flip turns
  • Conveniently switch out songs and audiobooks with iTunes
  • Skip tracks midstroke with our responsive waterproofing technology


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