What Run Oregon is Trying: SS Hydration Pack 

Put away those bottles and get out your trigger finger for this awesome old-made-new product, the Super Soaker hydration pack (some assembly required). This pack is a good spin on your tradition hydration handheld, waistpack, or vest. This pack gives you extra fun in drinking your water during your runs when you need it.

I have used this product for a while now, but it wasn’t until I became a runner that I understood how joyful this product could be. It gives you plenty of ounces depending on the size. It also can double as a cooling option when you get real hot during those summer months.

How to use: Some assembly is required After you’ve purchased your favorite size, style, and model. After that, grab some tape or glue (glue not recommended) and adhere to the waist or vest pack. That’s it! After that, then simply aim and shoot directly into your mouth and or face/ head whenever you need hydration.

It may take some getting used to, depending on experience, skill, and length of your new pack. Those with longer arms may be better equipped initially. Those who run with others may find supreme value in this, as helping your friends out by hydrating them may in fact may be easier and more fun. (Note: Electronics such as headphones are not recommended for they may get soaked in the process and destroyed).

To get extra hydration, another item (sold separately), is a rubber bladder version that can be filled with water to carry. It may prove challenging for carrying more than what is held in hands, but they can be opened with a small amount of pressure. And also consider tossing a few at your friends unexpectedly for a hearty thanks!



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