Product Review: Rhone’s Powerstretch accessories

I’m one of those people who easily pick up a chill in the breeze of a Spring day, shiver with the shift of clouds on a Summer afternoon, hug myself a bit on an Autumn bustling day and I am completely miserable in the throes of Winter. I try not to complain or display my displeasure to others, but I have a pension for frigid appendages (including numb hands and feet). Despite this “set back” I love running outdoors in all* weather conditions.

* I may be stretching the truth here, as I have more recently been challenged with running with icy sidewalks, but wintry trails as well as slick sidewalks  in proper gear can still be rewarding, or at least adventurous.

Bottom line, I’m cold but need to be outdoors.  If you have ever been cold at all, you’ve got to checkout the gear over at Rhone Apparel.

Rhone prides itself on using the most innovative materials and advanced technology available while also working with a broad market and big names in the athletic industry.

Among our entire team of advisors and founders, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including The NFL, Nike, Adidas, Priceline, ESPN, IMG and Lululemon. And while we have been inspired by their stories and brands, we stand by our own vision and collective ethos.

I had the opportunity to try out the Powerstretch Gloves with the Powerstretch Beanie.  Although the marketing for the website is clearly targeting a male audience, don’t be daunted ladies.  I love my Rhone gear and I think you will too!  Who knows… perhaps one day they will expand their appareal line and customer base.

Powerstretch Gloves modeled on

Powerstretch Gloves:

Made with Polartec fabric, these gloves have it all.  The material is both breathable and comfortable while keeping my hands dry and wicking away moisture both in the elements and inside with sweat.  The material is durable but allows flexibility to be able to move comfortably and grip items as needed.  The gloves feature a smart touch index finger and thumb pads to allow for managing your favorite touchscreen devices without having to remove your base layer and expose those digits to the frosty air.

Because I have Raynaud’s Syndrome, it is vital to me to have hands that are not only warm, but hands that are “in working order”.  There have been more than several instances where I have had to rely on the kindness of a stranger or passer-by to open my water bottle or even manage the zipper on my fuel belt.  Although this has it’s incredibly embarrassing moments, I am more concerned with numb and useless hands not being able to manage my phone (much less retrieve it from my running gear) if I were in an emergency situation.  I believe these gloves are a game changer for me and though I will be further testing them in all types of weather and seasons, I am in love.

Retail:  $39 (

Powerstretch Beanie modeled on

Powerstretch Beanie: 

Featuring Polartec PowerDry technology, the material is designed to be more efficient and dependable with moisture wicking and faster dry time.  Let’s face it, if you are more comfortable (not being sticky with sweat, wet, or cold) you’ll likely preform better and push yourself harder.  The hat is designed to help regulate temperature to keep you from overheating as well.   I found the hat to be highly breathable, light weight and easy to care for.  Despite always being cold, I do sweat quite a bit and this beanie is able to manage that challenge and stay efficient and effective.   An added bonus is it easily covers my ear lobes, which i have found to be a problem with some beanies.

Retail:  $29 (

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