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Back in 2014, one of the first shoes we ever reviewed on our website was the On Cloudsurfer. On was new to the running scene and they came in with a little bit of a splash with their “clouds” on the bottom. Some saw “gimmick”, while others (myself included) saw comfort combined with a little bit of flair. Now, 3 years later, On has proven they aren’t just a flash in the pan, and have continued to modify and mold their unique design with each passing year. They now have shoes that range from performance racing footwear, all the way up to trail running. They even have running gear ready to go as well. We are thrilled to be coming full circle and be reviewing our second pair of On shoes here at Run Oregon – the new On Cloudflow.

Technology (via On website):

18 Clouds independently cushion and propel your every step towards runner’s high. Hit the ground perfectly with the added Clouds positioned precisely where you need them, and all with the lightness of our unique Zero-Gravity EVA foam.

The upper of the Cloudflow is in a league of its own. Adaptive, engineered mesh uses the latest weave-technology to blend breathability with support, while antimicrobial treatment guarantees a lasting freshness run after run after run.

The patented Speedboard within the Cloudflow is built with a responsive flex and rocker that promotes flow-motion. It encourages the natural rolling process, promotes explosive take-offs and acts like a shortcut in getting you to runner’s high.

Complimenting the innovative ‘outside’ of the Cloudflow, inside, comfort reigns supreme thanks to a first-layer in-built sock. This is a new level of comfort for performance running shoes – one that feels so good, you will want to wear them both on and off the track.

On describes the Cloudflow as lightweight and ultra-responsive and we have to agree. With a Women’s size 7 weighing in only 6.7 ounces and Mens 8.5 at 7.8 ounces, they definitely live up to that descriptor. The 6mm drop is a comfortable stack for many runners, and the shoe itself provides a significant support over all terrain.

The Cloudflows were actually the first pair of “real” running shoes that my wife ever wore. I recently got her a pair and she actually raved about being able to tell the difference between these and the others in her closet (apparently she thought I had been lying all these years). In addition to loving the color scheme, she marveled on how light they were, how comforable her feet were after running (something she has complained about forever), and what a difference she noticed on the grip. I feel the grip is one part that On has really improved upon since they first started and my wife seems to agree with the sentiment.

Overall, we were very impressed with these and can’t wait to see where On goes from here. They are truly a force to be reckoned with in the running shoe world!

Company: On is a company that was founded by Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. Their offices are based out of Zurich, Switzerland and our very own Portland, Ore. The company grew out of a simple idea – that being the thought of the unique “clouds” that On Shoes are recognized for. Those clouds actually began  with a prototype of attaching cut-up pieces of a garden hose to the bottom of a pair of shoes! Read more about their history here.

Company: On
Shoe: On Cloudflow
Price: $140.00 (On via Amazon)

Men’s colors come in Navy/Orange and Blue/Neon and women’s come in Purple/Red (pictured above) and Blue hues.

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