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Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Birch Benders – A delicious way to start the day

I jumped to review Birch Benders Waffles because it’s a product I found several months ago and in that short time it’s already saved me hours in the kitchen. That excitement cost me testing some other delicious varieties since I just ordered my usual. My friends will laugh that I get excited about waffles, since you aren’t supposed to like comfort food when you’re in the fitness industry. My plate should consist of kale, Greek yogurt and quinoa, not forbidden carbs. This waffle mix originally caught my eye because it had added protein. I’m always hesitant with products that add protein. They are often gritty or leave a chalky aftertaste. Not the case with these. I bought it, my family loved them and so I said I’d love some more of my favorite waffle find for my review, totally missing all the other flavors out there.

There are ‘specialty’ flavors like Gingerbread Spice, Double Chocolate Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, Six Grain Cinnamon Spice and Chocolate Chip. There’s also a gluten free option, a paleo mix and, obviously a protein mix. I don’t feel as guilty eating the protein waffles when they have natural ingredients and each serving provides 16 ounces of protein. When I smother them in my mom’s raspberry jam, there might be a little guilt, but it’s all about balance. Besides the ‘fancier’ flavors, there are more traditional options as well with their Original Mix and Buttermilk Mix.

Not to knock Bisquick, their mix is convenient but it has a chemical taste to me and you still have to have eggs and oil on hand for the recipe. While that might make you feel more like you’re cooking from scratch, Birch Benders taste more like you made them from scratch and with only water. The bags conveniently seal back up in between each use too, so there isn’t a powdery mess in your pantry, unless your thirteen year old decides to make pancakes while you are out shopping, then it can still be messy. I think that says a lot about the product right there, how many thirteen year- old kids are going to whip up some pancakes? Birch Benders are delicious as pancakes or waffles and they’re convenient too. You can order online and have the best selection or grab a package on your next Target run. Make these for New Year’s Day or after your next long run and stay guilt free. They just might make you run a little faster if you know those are waiting for you.

Company: Birch Bender Micro-Pancakery

Product: Pancake and Waffle Mixes

Cost: Varies from $3.99-$5.99


Thank you to Birch Benders for providing us with some of their mixes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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