Strava Segment of the Week: Wildwood: BPA to Newton Road

The 2007 Purge and Splurge crew ... I'm sure this was the last year I ran it, and I remember it was wet, cold, muddy, and a lot of fun. This week's SSOTW is on the same trail so you might as well give it a shot!

The 2007 Purge and Splurge crew … I’m sure this was the last year I ran it, and I remember it was wet, cold, muddy, and a lot of fun. This week’s SSOTW is on the same trail so you might as well give it a shot!

This Saturday is New Year’s Eve. And on New Year’s Eve, certain things happen. Sure, many people will dress up, have a few (or many) drinks, and stay up until at least midnight. But there is a select group of runners in the area who run something called the “Purge and Splurge.”

Hosted by the Red Lizard Running Club, the Purge and Splurge is run each New Year’s Eve morning. The true “Purge” started with an organized Wildwood end-to-end, but as the club and the idea grew, the Lizards set up a number of options so runners could run less than the 50k distance. They have it all coordinated on their website’s message board, if you want to join them – read up to get details on where, when, how far, and how fast here.

For that reason, this week’s segment is on the Wildwood Trail, from the BPA road to Newton Road towards the northwest end of Forest Park. The Purge and Splurge runs from NW Newberry to the World Forestry Center, so the segment we’ve selected runs in that direction as well.

The segment is 0.9 miles with a 0.1% downhill grade. It’s also one of the most popular segments we’ve posted, with 2,514 attempts by 806 people.

As of December 28, 2016, the course records for the Wildwood: BPA to Newton Road are:

Women’s: Amanda Basham from March 2015, 8:33

Men’s:  Luke Vaughn from September 2016, 6:51

So, can you beat their times and become the leader of this segment? You have until Thursday, January 12 at noon to try and break the record and see your name in “lights” on Run Oregon! We’ll post a new Segment next Friday at 12.

Our segment from two weeks ago was the SWC Mile, and there are no new CRs as of yet. The men’s record is 4:54 and the women’s is 5:28, so it is not an easy one to take down, but keep trying!

Strava is an online training and racing log for runners and cyclists. The basic account is free and requires you to create a login. There is also a premium version, but in order to run and record routes as described in this post, you do not need to subscribe to their premium service. Note that this is not sponsored by Strava, nor endorsed or supported in any way by Strava. It’s just a fun thing we’re going to do to give some speedy shout-outs to area runners and pose a challenge to those of you willing to take on their segment. 

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