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We recently did a Kickstarter of the Week about Strongbody’s forthcoming Gastown Jacket, but they were nice enough to send along some other items to try out. 


Company (Facebook):

We make better clothing that performs to the standards our customer-athletes demand. We practice better business that benefits our local community and beyond.


This is the guiding principle of Strongbody Apparel and influences everything we do — from ethically manufacturing our high-quality, cutting-edge garments in our hometown of Vancouver to launching our “Buy One, Feed One”program which feeds a child in need for every Strongbody product sold.

You run. Lift. Practice yoga. Train in CrossFit. You expect more from your body. Shouldn’t you expect more from the clothes you wear on your body?

#ChooseToBeBetter. Choose Strongbody.

Matt’s Impressions (Everything Short):

UntitledI found the Everything Short to be true to its moniker – I really feel this is a great multi-use short that is great for running and equally as good for relaxing in or running to the store in. It has most of the qualities of a solid pair of running shorts…

  • 92% Polyester, 8% spandex
  • 8″ inseam
  • Moisture wicking, odor resistant
  • Small side slits
  • 4 way stretch material allows for unrestricted movement, no matter how low you are squatting

…yet also doesn’t have the “typical” running short look to it. Basically, I don’t feel I’d get a second glance regardless of where I wore the Everything Short – and that’s OK with me.

UntitledDepending on how you like your running shorts, these may feel a little different. They are light, but for those who are familiar with the wispy-light and/or “barely there” shorts, these may not strike your fancy. The polyester/spandex mix is super soft and stretchy, but probably a tad heavier. However, they still have moisture and odor controlled fabric – meaning they should be good in that department. I am a little concerned about pilling, but their website does state that the fabric is “pill-resistant” so that’s a good sign!

I also really like the addition of the zippered pockets, as well as a small back pocket for storage. Overall, I think these are a strong addition to a running wardrobe, though some may initially balk at the price.

Joe’s Impressions (Pulse Elite Tee):

Pulse Elite Tee

Aside from the iconic narrow mesh stripe down the back, the Pulse Elite Tee doesn’t announce itself with a lot of flash. It looks like a normal white tech shirt. But it also doesn’t make itself noticeable on the run, and that’s a good thing! The breathable fabric and slightly athletic fit make it a very comfortable, functional, and unobtrusive shirt. It’s one of those running garments that you forget you are reviewing during a run, because it does its job well without getting in the way or shouting “Look at me!” After a few runs in the Pulse Elite Tee, its comfort, fit, and wicking abilities have convinced me to move it to the top ranks of my running clothing rotation.

More information about the Pulse Elite Tee from Strongbody Apparel:

Elite athletes need elite gear. Period. Strongbody Apparel’s Pulse Elite Tee is engineered for helping you hit your personal bests at the CrossFit gym, on the bike, or on the trail. Designed with our performance technology, the Pulse Elite Tee keeps you comfortable as you push your limits. Available in black, charcoal, and white.


  • Anti bacterial Chitosante treatment fights odour, and is non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Fabric wicks moisture and is optimized for breathability
  • Soft and light weight fabric is stretchy and allows for unlimited movement
  • Flat, chafe free seams
  • UPF 50 all day sun protection wash after wash
  • Made with SBA Elite fabric. Body: Polyester with Chitosante treatment

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