Indiegogo of the Week: Rhone GoldFusion apparel

Product: Rhone GoldFusion: Performance Activewear Revolutionized Location: New York End Date: End of May 2016 Current Pledge: $22 for Towel; $118 for Shirt & Shorts or 2 Shorts Expected Delivery: April 2017 We reviewed some Rhone gear a few years ago and had some good things to say:

The attention to detail was something that really jumped out at me when I first pulled everything out. It's small things like these that make a big difference in my opinion. There was two things that I noticed about the manufacturing process that caught my eye - the first of which was SilverTech material used in the clothes. The way they explain the it on their site is "Rhone's SilverTech incorporates silver's powerful properties into the synthetic fibers of each thread. And unlike typical antibacterial and anti-odorant treatments which last for 15-20 washes, our SilverTech is permanent—built into the actual garment."
Well now Rhone is moving from Silver to Gold with their newest venture.

Rhone is heading to Instagram to develop a few apparel items (shorts, tee shirt, 1/4 zip, and towel) – complete with their newest technology. Supposedly the design takes standards like anti-odor and UV protective properties, and makes it so that it wicks faster and lasts longer than other standard items. And how do they do this? By literally adding REAL GOLD into the fabric itself. Now that’s futuristic stuff. Rhone agrees.

GoldFusion by Rhone will revolutionize the activewear industry. This eco-friendly fabric treatment made with real gold particles makes fabrics dry up to 3x faster, lasts 3x longer than the competition, is UV protective and permanently controls odor. We’re applying this technology to world class fabrics like Merino wool and Polartec Delta to create the best performing activewear to ever hit the market.

We’d love to get our hands on a pair to try out, but considering the longetivity that Rhone claims, this would seem like a sound investment. Get in now on Indiegogo to save some money in the meantime if you’re interested!

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