Kickstarter of the Week: Strongbody Gastown Jacket

Product: Gastown Jacket
Company: Strongbody
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Pledge Goal: Just launched
Current Pledges: $99
We came across Strongbody a few weeks ago and really liked the stuff they were doing with their activewear line. We will be doing a review in the upcoming weeks on some of their shorts and tops, but they mentioned that they are completing a Kickstarter for their newest product – the Gastown Jacket. This top looks really solid and perfectly complements a Pacific Northwest weather landscape (i.e. waterproof, windproof, and lightweight). Here’s how they paint the picture:

You’re stood outside, facing the beauty of the Great Outdoors. You close your eyes, before taking a deep breath of fresh air. Suddenly, the wind picks up and the skies open. The rain pours down harder than it ever has before. But it doesn’t matter. You just stand smiling. Bone dry and unable to feel the harsh brutality of the wind. You’re smiling because you’re wearing The Gastown Jacket.

  • The jacket’s body is 100% waterproof and windproof. It is made up of 2 layers of lightweight fabric, with an impenetrable membrane sandwiched in the middle. This stops wind and water in its tracks, while keeping the highest level of breathability.
  • The sleeves feature 4-ways stretch and DWR, which causes water to bead, and roll right off the fabric.
  • Scuba detailing around collar/cuffs is extra soft and comfortable

I also noticed that their construction seems really well thought out. Flatlock stitching should contribute no chafing, the neoprene collar and cuffs are crafted from neoprene, and the zippers are by YKK (some of the best zippers out there). I appreciate that it appears to have two front zipper pockets and also looks like something I could take out and about when NOT running. It’s pretty stylish.

In addition to this Kickstarter, Strongbody has a variety of other items, from tops and shorts to water bottles and hats. We will personally be reviewing a few items in the next few weeks, but it’s pretty cool to know that their activewear has odor fighting qualities made from crab and shrimp shells!

Check em out!

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