Kickstarter of the Week: Eletrunks Underwear

Product: Eletrunks
Location: New York, New York
End Date: September 2, 2016
Pledge Goal: $1,211 ($35,000 goal)
Current Pledges: $18

This is truly a post for men. Women, be warned that you may be confused by the rest of this post, but this is a real problem for men across the country. I am just gonna drop this here:

The lifter clip 2 from Miguel Walksalot on Vimeo.

From their campaign:

We all readjust ourselves. We side-step. We reach in our pocket. Sometimes, we go straight inside the pants. Now, we lift at the waistband. Underwear handles your goods the exact same way everywhere you look. Take the highest quality fabric, add a design that erases any discomfort with riding, chafing, readjusting, compression or free-balling, and you get Eletrunks. Eletrunks are underwear with a pouch that keeps “the goods” away from your legs. The magic is The Lifter, which allows you to adjust anytime without going below the belt.

There are a few key features that make up a pair of Eletrunks:

  • Boxer brief cut (reducing friction)
  • Pouch (for regulating temperature)
  • The Lifter (for, well, lifting)

All in all, these are a unique take on a legitimate “problem” for men everywhere. Check them out on Facebook and definitely consider supporting a local USA company!

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