Kickstarter of the Week: ActiCool


Product: ActiCool
Location: Montreal, Canada
End Date: October 27, 2016
Pledge Goal: $5,480 ($3,766 goal) WILL BE FUNDED
Current Pledges: $29

Whether it’s caused by a high heat work environment, induced by vigorous exercise, or simply due to brutally hot weather conditions, we’ve all experienced the effects heat stress. It’s not pleasant. More importantly, it’s not good for you.

NASA’s heat stress report CR-1205 (1) found that temperatures over 80°F have a marked NEGATIVE effect on both the productivity and accuracy of work. At 95°F the report showed that study participants were found to make 60 mistakes / hour. That’s 1 mistake every minute!

That didn’t sound so good to us, so we created ActiCool – new everyday cooling apparel that actually works!

Even in the winter months, it is good to have some gear that can keep you cool. If you are like me, you may head to your garage, workout room, or gym when the nights are just too dark and wet to risk running in. ActiCool is a shirt that can keep you cool in these settings by the technology that is reportedly in their yarn.

By using a proprietary blend of hydrophilic fibers, we are able to build a multilayered yarn which pulls the moisture and humidity away from the skin and into the yarn itself. ActiCool moves the moisture through the complex number of channels within the yarn structure, before evaporating. This allows for increased circulation, a softer hand (single ply fabric), and increased levels of anti-pilling properties. Creating a cooling effect and reducing humidity next to the body, ActiCool keeps you dry.

There are benefits to this, as it can keep your body cool by up to 3°F. It’s not only excellent choice for runners, but if you have an active job, this would make a great baselayer. It appears that this has been tested by police, construction workers, and other blue collar workers, who have given it a thumbs up.

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