Product Review: Rezlo Running Gear

Choosing the right gear can be tricky, especially with a mindset like mine where I prefer to stick with what is tried and true. I jumped at the chance to try some new stuff from Rezlo, a newly launched sportswear brand specialized in running. Their focus is on functional performance and all their products are USA made. In an obvious nod to my fascination with the same colors, I stuck with the usual black, gray and blue I prefer, even though I do have the vague notion that it would be fun at some point to get electric blue racing gear. A couple of weeks later, I had a pair of grey shorts and a dark blue singlet show up at my place.

To be honest, at first I was not a fan of either of these pieces. It was still in the sixty to seventy degree range outside, and as a minimalist runner, it was not yet shirt weather and I prefer my shorts to be on the light side. So I was not ready to be running in a shirt, but I did do a couple of my cross training workouts in it. The shorts were not constricting, but they felt a little heavy and not as breathable in the warmer temperatures. However, as the temperatures have recently dropped, I gave them another chance.

Dromos Singlet


A perfectly cut running singlet made of premium Italian sports mesh that gives you exceptional breathability through the summer. Dromos micro-mesh fabric maximizes airflow and transfers sweat away when the thermometer begins to climb up.

My take: As stated before, I’m a minimalist runner and pretty much any day over 55 I forgo a top completely. However, I found this singlet exceedingly comfortable in the lower 50s. It was warm enough to break the wind chill but breathable enough so that I didn’t overheat when I got warmed up. I did intervals with it and had no issues with chafing or bunching. I honestly barely noticed it was there, which is optimal. Being a little stuck on semantics, I would term this a muscle shirt, not a singlet, but that is likely a cultural difference. Bottom line, this would be the perfect top for training and racing on a day with little to no precipitation.

Euclid Shorts


Rezlo’s Euclid short is all about maximizing your stride and keeping you comfortable as you see the miles go by. Its 4.5” inseam is simply the perfect length that provides sufficient leg covering while increasing freedom of movement.

My take: Running shorts can be a bit tricky, at least from my standpoint. It’s a balance between modesty and freedom, and the length often comes into question. These shorts fit into that nice balanced range for me. Like the shirt, they are advertised as good for summer wear, but I feel personally they are better in the mid to low temperatures due to their weight and density. That’s not to say that they are not breathable, but I felt they were a little much when it was warm. I got some experience in them at different paces, from a longer casual 8 minute pace to some speed intervals. They fit great and I did not spend any time adjusting them. Comfort was top-notch and I really liked the dark gray color.

Check out Rezlo’s new line and follow their Facebook page, as they will be producing a new shirt in the near future!

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